Saturday, July 2, 2016

Manuel Valls does not close the door to an HGV eco-tax – Le Figaro

The prime minister, who opposed the return of this eco-tax a year ago, returns to his position. The measure has already been passed by the president of the Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse.

This is a 180 degree turn that Manuel Valls seems to operate on the issue of the environmental tax heavyweights. The Prime Minister, whose services indicated there is only a year since the return of such a device was unthinkable, especially regionally, reversed its position. Interviewed by Le Parisien on Saturday on the possible introduction of such a tax on lorries in transit in Ile-de-Fance, the Prime Minister explained that “everything that helps to fight against pollution and limit the heavy goods traffic while finding new recipes, I no farm gate “.

the discourse has changed since August 2015. at that time, Matignon services had ruled out the return of the device that had been buried with a crash in the fall of 2014 by Ségolène Royal, Minister of Ecology, after a long struggle against motor carriers. “From the point of view of Matignon, there is no return on the eco-tax, were it in the form of a regional environmental tax,” we emphasized it last year. “There is more subject to environmental tax, and there is no need to bounce to,” insisted the entourage of the Prime Minister.

” this is a complex issue that will require a good deal of dialogue with the state “

the idea of ​​an HGV eco-tax in some regions had been revived by Frédéric Cuvillier, deputy and PS mayor of Boulogne-sur-mer and supported by Claude Bartolone, President of the national Assembly, who had said “favorable” to its implementation for trucks in transit in Ile-de-France. Even Ségolène Royal felt it was a “good idea”. Valérie Pécresse, became president of the Ile-de-France region, had repeated recently in April as part of its regional plan for air quality. “Today, the principle of an eco-tax on lorries in transit was voted as part of this plan. The ball is now in the government’s court, “said Saturday the Ile-de-France region in the Le Figaro . The state is in fact the only one to validate the measurement by decree.

According to the current position of the Prime Minister, the idea now seems to make its way despite the opposition repeatedly expressed hauliers. In Ile-de-France, the region is planning an environmental levy can fetch between 100 and 200 million euros per year. An amount “exorbitant” that “the occupation refuses to pay,” has already said the National Federation of Motor Carriers (FNTR).

“Valérie Pécresse has made several proposals, including one to increase the payment paid by transport users. It’s his choice, “

Valérie Pécresse believes however that the environmental tax is a measure heavyweights” common sense “, based on the polluter-pays. Last April, the president of the region also saw this device a way to partially fund the slate of 300 million euros left by its predecessors following the establishment of a single rate for the Pass’Navigo. But since then, the region has signed an agreement with the State protocol to enable it to cover financing.

This agreement will also lead to an increase of 3 euros the price of going this summer. “I assume that we all signed a contract between the state and the region that would provide for the extension of metro and tram lines, new lines of the Grand Paris Express, modernization of RSP. All this represents hundreds of millions of euros more. We had to find new recipes, away from demagoguery, “says Manuel Valls Saturday. The latter, however, insists that the choice to pass on part of the financing on users is not his. “I say that it is the decision of Valérie Pécresse (…) It’s his decision, it assumes it,” he says. A statement that surprises the side of the region which recalls that “the tariff lever was mentioned in the joint statement” signed by Matignon and Valérie Pécresse.


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