Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vienna – Austria is preparing for a new presidential marathon – Express

In an unprecedented decision, the Vienna Friday Constitutional Court validated the use of the far-right FPÖ party challenging the regularity of presidential elections, won in May with 30,863 votes ahead by Mr Van der Bellen, 72, but marred by procedural irregularities.

Hailed by the press as an undeniable “ success ” to Mr. Hofer and his formation, annulment of the election and the expected call for a new vote in the autumn is part of a European context upset by the British vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

The subject will inevitably prevail in the campaign “, then he stayed underlying spring, said political analyst Thomas Hofer, told AFP .

An unexpected opportunity, according populist FPÖ allies in Europe to see for the first time a leader from the far right of access to the highest office in an EU country.

The new poll is good news for the Patriots “, praised Le Pen, president of the French National Front, saying that “ after the happy victory Brexit UK (…) Austria also has the opportunity to return to the path of freedom and national pride . ”

– ‘High expectations’ for the FPÖ –

But the eurosceptic card can be difficult to handle for Mr. Hofer, 45, whereas Austria, a country located in the heart of Europe, is highly dependent on its exports.

A large majority of Austrians (is) opposed to an EU exit “, said political analyst Hubert Sickinger, in which Mr. Hofer “ s’ probably try not to do too much on the subject . ”

The Freedom Party, one of the extreme right parties from more established continent electorally advocates like the National Front for Europe “ to Map .”

Mr. Hofer however recently hardened its position, leaving the threat of a referendum if the EU does not quickly pledged reforms.

But should he clearly advocate an output of the EU, it would encourage Mr. Van der Bellen ” Judge Mr. Sickinger.

Thomas Hofer, “ the situation is rather difficult reality for the FPÖ. The expectations of the electorate are now very high. Or the anti-EU stand does not exceed 40% in Austria and Mr. Hofer will continue to be very careful . ”

Without giving future campaign axes, Mr Van der Bellen, a convinced European, he was “ very confident ” in a victory, noting that the theme Brexit the “ news will ” when the new vote after the summer.

Who knows where will Britain in September ‘The Brexit won but we can not say that the joy reigns ,” notes the analyst David Pfarrhofer, according to which Mr Van der Bellen could capitalize on the topic.

– heterogeneous electorate –

Still, the ecologist candidate will have to hope to win again, benefit for mobilization at least as important in spring, where he had again a delay of some 14 points from the first round.

He collected much more politically heterogeneous voices Hofer, from center-right to the left, while the FPÖ candidate can rely on loyal electorate of this party, easier to mobilize “, Anton Pelinka said political analyst.

Josef Huber, 80, a retired sales manager Viennese, “ the same number of people or even more will vote .” “ I will go, and I will vote the same way ,” he says.

Daniel, a hairdresser 26 years old, “ the result will not be different .” “ I will vote again Van der Bellen ,” he said.

Credited with only 21.3% of the vote in the first round, far behind his opponent who had obtained 35%, Van der Bellen had received voter turnout increased (72.7% ) and important voice overs of the traditional parties, who had suffered a historic setback.

The poll was canceled due to irregularities in the counting of some 78,000 votes. No fraud has however been updated. The interim head of state, where Mr. Van der Hofer was to take office on July 8 will be provided by the president and the two vice presidents of the lower house of parliament … which Mr. Hofer.


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