Friday, July 1, 2016

The director of the Eating the heart of Montreuil stabbed – Le Figaro

The head of Montreuil Restos du Coeur was brutally attacked on Friday morning, several police sources refer to Le Figaro , confirming a report from Europe 1. “A couple went to the local of the Association and attacked him with knives at 7:45 am, “said a police officer.

It would have managed to dodge the ax, but would have taken several stabs. “Three in the chest,” said another officer. According to testimonies, the attackers, a man and a woman reportedly shouted “Allah Akbar”, report sources quoted by AFP. They called for “great caution” about the motives of the attack. The police still have in mind that this teacher had lied about his aggression in Aubervilliers in December 2015.

Aged in her sixties, the victim, who was conscious when firefighters arrived was transported to the hospital. His prognosis is no longer engaged. The crime squad of the Paris police was conducting the investigation. It looks for two people who fled. “For now, no track is privileged,” says a police officer.


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