Friday, July 1, 2016

Vehicles, plastic bags, contraception: what changes at July 1 – The Point

polluting vehicles

In Paris, the circulation of the most polluting vehicles, including cars registered before 1 January 1997 and the two front wheels to June 1999, is prohibited from Friday 1 July . The rule will be valid on weekdays from 8 am to 20 hours, in Paris intramural (excluding timber and device). According to the City, the measure will affect some 10 000 vehicles, all categories of the approximately 600,000 that circulate every day in Paris.

Plastic Bags

to use plastic bags one issued in cash will be banned. The measure applies to all amenities: supermarkets, but also pharmacies, bakeries, gas stations, covered or open-air markets …

In six months, on 1 January 2017, a new stage will be crossed: the bags and plastic packaging issued rays for food packaging will also be deleted. Only bags “biobased” (with a vegetable matter such as potato starch or corn) and compostable in home composting, can then be used for these purposes.

Car Thumbnails

drivers will get starting Friday an “air quality certificate”, a color chip corresponding to the level of their emissions vehicle, they will be affixed on the windshield. The older vehicles, that is to say cars registered before 31 December 1996 can not get certificate. Cities wishing, like Paris, could then rely on this system to modulate the flow to fight against air pollution.


After free contraception in 2013 to 15-18 years is now the entire medical process for access to contraception (medical consultation, laboratory tests etc.) which is free and anonymous.

third party payment

the first step in the generalization of the paying agent under the health Act, patients 100% covered by social security (people with long term illness, pregnant women) may apply for third-party payment (exemption from advance fee), which will become a “right” for all patients from December 31. For other policyholders, the paying agent will be deployed in January 2017 and mandatory from November 30, 2017 on social security part.

Sunday opening

Next Sunday July 3 BHV-Marais (Galeries Lafayette group) will be the first Parisian department store to open on Sundays as part of the law of August 2015 Macron creating international tourist areas. The brand has since early May of an agreement on the Sunday opening, signed by SUD-Solidaires BHV and the CFE-CGC.

The department stores on Boulevard Haussmann, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, are them open three Sundays in July but under the so-called Sunday “the mayor”.

collaborative Sites

the collaborative platforms like Airbnb Drivy or will be forced to send their users an annual statement of income generated by the use of their services, under penalty of a fine of 10 000 euros. Users of these platforms have indeed the obligation to declare such income to the tax authorities.

Account hardship

The last six factors of arduousness (difficult postures, manual handling of fillers, chemical, mechanical vibrations, extreme temperatures and noise) come into force, to the dismay of employers who judge the “unworkable”. Ten factors for hardship in total were selected.

The companies will have to declare early 2017 affected employees, who will reap points on their arduous account to leave early for retirement, training or work time part without loss of pay.


After six years of freezing, the index points used to calculate the compensation of 5.4 million civil servants will be upgraded. Decided in March by the government, this measure will act twice: by 0.6% on 1 July and by 0.6% on 1 February 2017



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