Thursday, July 7, 2016

The political messages distilled in Holland by his tribute to Rocard – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – Since the death of the former Prime Minister, political tributes multiply, attempts to recover too. The speech of the president on Thursday was no exception.

In his tribute to Michel Rocard speech delivered Thursday at noon at the Invalides , before an audience of politicians, François Hollande has not resisted the temptation to introduce some political messages, falling timely with its own news.

“for the Michel Rocard dialogue was the best way to reform, but to remove blockages, he did not hesitate to resort to the procedures prescribed by the Constitution. At 28 times he had to engage the responsibility of the government to pass key texts, such as the military planning law, the opening of Renault’s capital, the creation of the CGT. Thus he has given, also, social security, an efficient system. “

The President did not hesitate to make a direct reference to Article 49.3 of the Constitution, rightly employed by Prime Minister on Tuesday to adopt without a vote the labor law to the Assembly. A practice to which Michel Rocard had indeed been repeatedly used in a very different context, however, since it had to deal with a relative majority in the National Assembly.

“He showed that compromise is not a weakness, negotiation is not a lack of will and that we always get more through dialogue than confrontation “.

a parallel clearly established by the one who presents himself as the “candidate of compromise” for 2017. in May, still, Francois Hollande praised the negotiation at a conference on the relationship of the left to power. “Compromise is not a poor average point is just the opposite: keep its axis with sincerity,” then launched the president his critics

“. Michel Rocard was a theorist of the “second left”. He could be tough on the first, but he knew that “two left” should unite to govern. He never played against his political family, even when he had to be away before François Mitterrand in 1981 and 1988. “

A message that the Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron, who is preparing his departure from the government to embark on a personal campaign, might take him. Unless the socialist slingers, who this week yet another attempted coup against the executive, are covered.

“Find the key moments of the speech of François Hollande in honor Michel Rocard:


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