Sunday, July 10, 2016

VIDEO. Euro 2016: Forty arrests after incidents near the fan zone –

Incidents between supporters and security forces near the fan zone the Champ de Mars in Paris on July 10, 2016 – ALAIN JOCARD AFP

incidents between supporters and security forces broke out near the fan zone Paris Sunday night before the final of Euro between Portugal and France, have we learned from sources. Forty people were arrested, including near the Eiffel Tower.

Some of the arrests also took place near the Stade de France, in the northern suburbs of Paris, contempt, damage or still selling banned on the run, we did the same source.

on the side of the Champ de Mars, the incidents occurred when supporters tried to enter the fan area while its access were closed, the sources said. In the capital, more than 90,000 people entered the fan area in less than three hours. Featuring complete, it had to close its doors before 19h, an announcement that caused screams, tears and invectives in the queue.

In messages sent on Twitter and disseminated in the subway, the Prefecture Police urged people not to join the fan area.

some of them are still made and tried to enter, some throwing projectiles at police who were use tear gas to disperse, said a police source. The prefecture recommends avoiding the Trocadero area, where at least one vehicle was on fire.

The police used water cannons to push back the fans, while the protesters threw their bottles and invectives, found an AFP photographer



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