Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Air France has a new general manager, and wants to make the low-cost – The Parisian

Le CEO ofAir France-KLM, Jean-Marc Janaillac, was named Wednesday president of its subsidiary, Air France, assisted by Franck Terner to the post of director-general, said the air group, franco-Dutch in a press release. The duo replaces the now ex-CEO of Air France, Frédéric Gagey, appointed chief financial officer of the French airline company.

“The boards of directors of Air France-KLM and of Air France, met this day, have decided to evolve the governance of the group, in order to accompany the implementation of the project Trust Together with the new strategic plan of Air France, editor’s note) and tighten the string of decisions”, explains the mother house of the airline company hex.

Exceed the episode of the “shirt ripped off”

Franck Terner, 56, has spent his entire career at Air France, which he joined in 1988 as a production engineer on the Concorde, climbing all levels of the technical branch of the group up to the position of assistant general manager Engineering and Maintenance at Air France-KLM, which it had occupied since July 2013.

“I have every confidence in the qualities of Franck Terner to accelerate the transformation and growth of Air France, and to mobilize all the energies of the company around the success of the project Trust Together”, said Jean-Marc Janaillac in a news release.

The new CEO has presented to its Board of directors, the new strategic plan whose objective is to restore confidence within the group after the episode of the shirt torn from the HR departments and define the main development axes of the company. He also had to respond to “strategic issues which the company faces today”. Apart from the change of governance at Air France, no information has filtered up here to the content of this plan, which is to be unveiled Thursday.

A new company dedicated to long-haul low cost

If the outlines of the plan Trust Together have not been disclosed, The Tribune reveals this Wednesday, without denial on the part of the company, Air France will create a new company, a subsidiary of French transport, responsible for ensuring the servicing of long-haul for both the business clientele and leisure destinations. The drivers of this company will be under status Air France, as a part of the ground staff, while the stewardesses and stewards will be “hired” directly by the subsidiary and work “in conditions resembling those of Transavia”, the low cost of Air France.


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