Friday, November 11, 2016

Aude : three college students douse him with gasoline their fellow disabled – Europe1

Three minors were arrested and briefly detained in police custody Wednesday, after having sprinkled a classmate of gasoline, reveals The Independent.

Three against one. The events took place on Sunday, November 6 at Narbonne. Three youth, including two brothers, aged 12 and 14 years, were taken to an adolescent of 15 years old, mentally impaired and enrolled in the same class as them, while he was fishing in the canal de la Robine, to the level of the quai de Lorraine. According to the newspaper, the attackers would have first demanded of the young man he gives them the address of another classmate with whom they wanted to “duke it out”. Given the refusal of the boy, they were finished off by the force, before sprinkling it with the help of a bottle of gasoline.

Violence on vulnerable person. This is the victim’s mother, alerted by the strong smell from the clothes of her son, who will turn towards the forces of law and order. The suspects were eventually arrested four days later at college, one of them justified their choice by explaining that she believed the bottle contained some washing-up liquid, the precise The Independent. The three juveniles are scheduled to appear before a judge for “violence in a meeting on a vulnerable person”.


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