Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Charente: a student stabbed his former girlfriend to the exit of the bus – The Express

A quarrel sentimental wrong. A young 17 year old girl was stabbed Tuesday by a high school girl his age at a bus stop in Soyaux, a commune of the Charente not far from Angouleme, reports South-West. The abuser, who had used an accomplice, was arrested a few hours after the fact and placed in police custody. The victim is, for its part, is now out of danger.

A stab in the lung

The drama took place around 7: 30 am, while the victim went into his school. The other teenager knows his habits and is waiting at the exit of the bus. According to The Charente Libre, it’s been about two months that it sends to its young victim of the “SMS-violent, including a chilling” which prefigures the scene. “I’ll break through”, she threatened, shortly before this morning.

The two girls, once friends, are torn apart for “a sentimental story”, reports South-West. Assisted by another girl of 16 years old, the abuser wears a stab in the level of the armpit, puncturing part of the lung of her victim under the eyes of several witnesses. They then take a leak. Severely injured, the victim is rushed to the hospital.

The accused of the facts are finally found, thanks to the mobile phone of the accomplice. It is geolocated at the home of his parents. She eventually confessed the whereabouts of the head of the knife, hidden in a square. In custody, the two teenage girls have admitted the facts and “the intent to kill,” says South-West. The knife, thrown in a trash can at the option of their escape, has not yet been found.


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