Thursday, November 10, 2016

DIRECT. Follow the trial of the police officer who hit a high school student in Paris in march – Franceinfo

What you need to know

A keeper of the peace 26-year-old is called to the bar, Thursday, November 10, at the correctional court of Paris. He was appearing before the magistrates for “voluntary violence by a person agent of the public authority”, punishable by three years in prison. His trial, initially scheduled for 14 October, had been postponed.

“get Up ! Lève-toi !” The facts alleged against him took place on march 24, near the lycée Henri-Bergson in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. On this day, in full wave of protests against the law Work, a high school student 15 years of age is caught by a police officer. the “get Up ! Lève-toi !”, throws him the keeper of the peace, before him land a violent punch to the face. The teenager found himself on the ground, broken nose.

The scene was filmed. prosecution for police abuse have been made possible thanks to a video shot by a witness using a mobile phone, and immediately broadcast on the social networks. the “These images are shocking and I was shocked because they do not correspond to the image that the vast majority of police officers in France will do their mission,” had reacted at the time the minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve.

“I would like to understand why he did it.” a Few hours before the start of the hearing, the student has agreed to entrust exclusively to franceinfo. It still says “traumatised”. The young man waits for “no big thing” of this process, only “understand why [the police] did that. After that, I will pass to something else.” His father, Guy has trouble recognizing his son. the “It has changed completely, it has the look frozen sometimes. When asked, he told us that it will. But we, we can see that it’s not going to. We are afraid that there is something going on after.”


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