Wednesday, November 2, 2016

File containing the personal data of French : Cazeneuve wants to be reassuring – Europe1

The creation of a mega-file containing the personal and biometric data of 60 million French, that has been authorised by decree, the subject of many questions, especially for the public liberties. To address these fears, Bernard Cazeneuve sought to be reassuring. In response to the deputy Lionel Tardy (The Republicans), which has expressed particular regret that the Parliament has not been brought before a debate in this regard, the minister assured, during topical questions in the national Assembly, that all the safeguards had been taken, and has advocated an administrative simplification.

A decree “explicit and legitimate”, according to Cazeneuve. Object of a decree published Sunday, this file called “Securities secure e-mail” (YOUR) must “include a file more reliable” than “obsolete” already exists for the national identity cards (CNI), a-t-he argues. It was necessary, he said, “to give a strong base for the CNI” and “enable harmonisation with the passports”. It has “been validated by the State Council and the national Commission on informatics and liberties (Cnil), which has indicated – and I quote – that it was ‘determined, explicit and legitimate’”, declared Bernard Cazeneuve.

Sharp criticism from defenders of human rights. Lionel Tardy, had emphasised the “risks out of 60 million French” with this new file, relaying the criticisms voiced in the last few days. Michel Tubiana, honorary president of the League of human rights, has strongly criticised the creation of this file. “There is no recourse and no control by an independent body. The government is engaged in a process identical to the Patriot Act (an anti-terrorism law adopted by the United States under George W. Bush, editor’s note),” said the lawyer, interviewed by Europe 1.


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