Wednesday, November 9, 2016

François Rebsamen, the last of the Dutch – The Point

Alert ! We found another of the 4 % of French who still support François Hollande : François Rebsamen, the former minister of Labour. Guest of the morning of Franceinfo, the current mayor of Dijon remained right in his boots, the Dutch, ensuring that the candidacy of the head of the State was the only option. A mark of confidence rather rare since even the faithful Michel Sapin and Jean-Yves Le Drian have expressed their doubts and raised the issue Valls for 2017.

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Bs does not want to hear of the attempts at elysian of Manuel Valls. “There is not to put in place a plan B, I am for a plan H. François Hollande is the only one who is able to bring together the left. It is the balance point “, assured, categorical, François Rebsamen at the microphone of the chain of continuous information. Candidate, of course, but Holland can he really win the election ? “Of course ! Is it that you think that the French have envy of the agenda of the right ? “replied the old minister, who strenuously defends the balance of François Hollande :” sarkozy has been a quinquennium of the economic recovery, it allowed the companies to recover margins. “

” Bs does not Valls in his heart “

The Previous is not afraid of anything and even call Emmanuel Macron to join the president. And he does not hesitate to defend the indefensible, the confessions of the tenant of the Elysée palace in A president should not say that… Especially when they concern the disclosure of records stamped ” top secret “. For Rebsamen, nothing serious. “Mitterrand had done it “, even dare to the ex-minister. If its in praise of François Hollande is laborious, it does not forget to tackle Manuel Valls. He confides his disappointment at the action of the resident of Matignon in 2016 : “This year has not been the best. (…) How to make the law work was not a good method. “This same reform that could lead Rebsamen if he had not preferred to leave office in 2015 to focus on the city of Dijon.

” The least we can say is that Bs does not Valls in his heart. He won’t accept that they have not been appointed to the Inside in 2012 and 2014, ” says a member of the Dutch parliament. Minister of the Interior, he was preparing for a long time. Valls is preferred in a first time at the start of the quinquennium. Then it is recalibrated in 2014 at the request of François Hollande himself, the head of the requesting State Valls, ” don’t put it Inside “. In the book confidence he just posted, François Rebsamen admits that the decision of François Hollande has been ” a huge disappointment “. The result, it is known : it is the very devoted Bernard Cazeneuve, who will take care of the Interior.


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