Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Françoise Hardy on with Emmanuel Macron, Le Figaro

In 2012, she offered her voice to the “warm” Nicolas Sarkozy. Today she reveals in the media for its support to the former minister of the Economy, which must announce Wednesday 16 November for his decision to be a candidate in the presidential election.

The Notice (unauthorized) of Françoise Hardy in the policy are without wooden language. On the set of C, Monday, November 14, the singer is said to be “seduced” by Emmanuel Macron, a putative candidate in the presidential election.

She has supported his personal message policy, taking as an example the persistence and determination of the former minister of Economy, François Hollande, at the time when he defended his Law of economic modernisation. “At the end of a session at the Senate (…), the spokesman of the opposition thanked him, saying that it was very rare for a minister to come every day to defend his law, and very rare that he shows as much patience, courtesy, and quality of listening.”

In Paris Match, the mark on his selection in the first round of the forthcoming presidential election, she said: “it would depend on the presence or not Emmanuel Macron, which I like a lot. It is surrounded by young people that we do not know yet”.

It was added to have seen it evolve at the time of his hospitalization, renewing the example of “the patience and the courtesy,” embodied by the politician during the debate on the Act work. The one who could be accused by some to belong “to a right without complexes”, at the publication of his book Notice unauthorized (2015), has given his analysis on the inspector of finance at the head of the movement, Walking, magazine: “He is a man of the left, which defines itself as non-socialist!”

In 2010, it had already distinguished itself, by quoting on the set of Laurent Ruquier in the face of Manuel Valls , a reflection of Winston Churchill : “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth. The inherent virtue of socialism is equal sharing of misery.”. Two years later, Challenges, revealed that the singer had voted for Nicolas Sarkozy, “the less sectarian, less ideologue and more pragmatic than François Hollande”, which it was feared mainly the ISF. Françoise Hardy had had to move in a three-room-apartment in paris, after a turnaround of 60,000 euros for the apartment that she occupied and that she had under-estimated.

It is still at Laurent Ruquier, in march 2015 in One is not lying, so that she presented her book, the singer returns to his concerns about the Tax on wealth: “I think the ISF is a tax-the most unfair. It really is a tax ideology.”

In April 2016, the artist had to be reassured by listening to the words of Emmanuel Macron, controversial in his own camp: “If one has a preference for risk in the face of the annuity, which is my case, it is necessary to prefer taxation on the estate taxes of type ISF”.

However, it is right that it really tends ear. The artist, who explained to Paris Match follow the primary, says: “in the personalities that interest me on the right, there is François Fillon and Alain Juppé, as all the world. I met Nicolas Sarkozy, is someone that’s extremely warm, which has a lot of qualities. But I prefer the quiet of his opponents.”


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