Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In Paris, the police do not disarm not – Le Figaro

VIDEO – a Few hundred police officers gathered once again Tuesday night in front of the Pyramid of the Louvre to show their distrust of the government, but also their unions.

In civilian clothes, sometimes with a cuff orange “police”, hundreds of demonstrators waved placards “the police are out of breath”, “touch not my policy,” or “I’m a cop and proud” on Tuesday evening in Paris, in front of the Pyramid of the Louvre. Patrols of passage have turned on their siren in solidarity with the rally, causing the cheers of the protesters.

about A dozen protesters symbolically burned sheets of paper marked “union card”, before leaving in procession in the streets of Paris. In Bordeaux, thirty police officers conducted Tuesday a brief punch to the mid-day: a procession of a dozen cars, all sirens blaring, parked in front of the Grand Theatre, in the pedestrian centre. The officials, in uniform for the most part, are posted at the cord in front of their vehicles for five minutes approximately before going back to the motorcade, sirens activated. Monday night, about 500 people, of which around half were police officers, were also collected in Béziers.

Since October 17, police officers claiming to be apolitical and outside unions to claim more resources, harsher penalties to their attackers, and a revision of the rules of self-defence. The sling is part of the paris region after the attack of October 8, the Molotov cocktail against police officers in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), but quickly expanded to the whole of the country.

To try to calm this mobilization, the government announced a week ago a budget of 250 million euros for renewal of the material, the end of tasks “undue” as the guards static in front of the buildings, the alignment of penalties for “insults” against the forces of order with those of the magistrates who will thus be increased from six months to one year of imprisonment and measures to preserve the anonymity of the police officers in the framework of the procedures or intervention. It must also do so by the end of November proposals to the Parliament on “the conditions of evolution of the self-defence”.

But some of the demonstrations continued in spite of these announcements, the police officers expressing their distrust of the government but also the unions, unable, according to them, to bring their claims. “The unions have negotiated in our name but without us. It wants to be received by the government. It will continue until we are heard, we small police officers on the street”, was launched on Tuesday evening a rebellious through a megaphone during a stop in front of the prefecture of police. “The government has sought to buy peace with money, it’s moving forward but he needs to understand that the malaise is deep. It is necessary that all police officers be united, and unions are too often the side of power. They think of them prior to the general interest,” said a keeper of the peace in the Val-de-Marne, who prefers to remain anonymous.

“We try to silence us,” said his side Wednesday at the microphone of RTL Guillaume, an official of the Brigade anti-criminality (BAC), which will be heard Thursday by the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN), for his participation in the recent demonstrations. It will be the first police officer to have to explain about it. “Today, we have the impression (…) that we are being threatened”, he says, while he knows that “the IGPN search in its administrative record”. “In our heads of police, the IGPN it goes hand in hand necessarily with sanctions,” he added, when asked by the radio. “One wonders necessarily up to the point where they are able to go, just to make us shut up”.


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