Thursday, November 17, 2016

Plugs, noise… A report overwhelms the piétonnisation of the road on the banks – The Express

Increase of noise pollution, capacity congestion, slowing ambulances… in Paris, the piétonnisation of the right bank of the road on the banks, introduced by the municipality there are less than two months, would have many disastrous effects, according to a report unveiled by Le Figaro.

according To this progress report of 61 pages is ordered by the president of the region Île-de-France Valérie Pécresse, this lane closure, adopted on 26 September by the Council of Paris, would have detrimental effects on the traffic in the capital. But also, by consequence, in the rest of the region and especially in the surrounding suburbs. The region, to the origin of this report, yet there is no jurisdiction on this question of the piétonnisation.

11% to 28% of course time in addition

According to the committee of experts, chaired by a physician-in-chief of the Uas, which brings together specialists from the noise, pollution and of urban planning, the traffic is particularly concentrated on the west ring road. On the ring road, which is already very congested at peak times, some journeys would have been slowed down to such a point that the drivers are with a journey time lengthened by up to 25% in the morning and from 11% to 20% in the evening compared to the last year.

On the A86, in the vicinity of plano, texas, in the Yvelines, the drivers would have seen an increase in their journey time of 16% compared to the same period last year. This time is the same, an increase of 22 per cent for motorists using this same axis until Créteil Thiais, Val-de-Marne. According to Le Figaro in the morning, in this area, the movement would be more slow motion, subjecting the conductors to an increase of 28% of their time of course.

A minute lost for the ambulances

In Paris, slowdowns are also to be deplored. Since the lane closure on low-lying right bank, the traffic would be congested on the upper part, up to a doubling of traffic. Result: some drivers have seen their journey time to increase by 135%, that is 9 minutes of waiting each evening. Rue de La Convention in the Fifteenth arrondissement, or the boulevard Saint-Germain, which goes from the Tenth to the Twelfth district, however distant from the river banks become pedestrian, are particularly affected by these slowdowns and the density of the traffic.

This increase in traffic would also have increased the travel time of the ambulances of the emergency. They would lose on average a precious minute more in 2015 in downturns. As pointed out in Le Figaro, this minute is 10% more likely to save a person who would be doing a cardiac event.

the Other consequence adverse to the pointing of the finger in the report: the noise would have been, in some places, multiplied by two on some sections of the docks at night.

According to Le Figaro, the consequences on traffic are much worse than those announced by the city of Paris. What would have defended Anne Hidalgo, the mayor, who has been conducting its own studies, with different results, in particular with regard to the movement to the suburbs.


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