Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pogba does indeed “lift the crowd” and it is so much better for the Blues –

It will, therefore, have had to wait 43 selections but it was worth it. After a quick look in our archives, it would seem that Paul Pogba has signed a great first Friday at the Stade de France : a second delivery in a row very accomplished in the France team. Its history with the selection is built around benefits uncompleted and promises unfulfilled. But to Amsterdam to face the netherlands in October (0-1) and Friday in Saint-Denis against Sweden (2-1), Pogba recalled what he could bring to the Blues. As usual, he dodged the microphones with a casually disconcerting, delivering his bright smile to the journalists, frustrated by his silence. But his good mood in the mixed zone gave the impression that he is satisfied with his evening. How could it be otherwise ?

of course, his two consecutive goals embellish the case, but it would be wrong to stop her hitting light in the face of the Oranje or the stroke of a helmet to the Stade de France. They are only the tip of the iceberg. the “This is not a scorer. I don’t expect especially that of him”, has quite rightly reminded Didier Deschamps after the victory against the Scandinavians. However, it has been sufficiently criticized for not weigh in on the script meetings for not greeting its current effectiveness. But if Pogba is so precious, it has finally come to a thickness that requires his talent, it is first because it has made life easier. This is its “actions that do not raise the crowds”, as had been defined Didier Deschamps before the meeting, that make the now so precious in Blue.

Dimitri Payet and Paul PogbaAFP

Simplicity and volume of the game

The middle of Manchester United is the first leader of the Blue, in front of the defence. Where Payet was conspicuous by its risk taking and its percussion, Pogba led the Swedes by a simple orientation but effective of the game : cross for Evra and Sidibé, a few openings in depth, passes laser to break the lines and the simple game to a ball touch with Matuidi or Griezmann. the “I am much more happy with the content, that is the image of what he has done in the netherlands”, commented on a Deschamps, which has not always been as tender with her jewel. the “It put a lot of fluidity and volume in the game and recovered a lot of balls.”

This is the third stage of the rocket Pogba. Goals of course, guidelines well felt, but also the role of a retriever which he took the measurement. This Friday, he put the foot where it sometimes had a tendency to dodge. the “It is up to him to maintain this level of performance and demand”, slid Deschamps about one that has taken on a new dimension to Manchester for a few weeks.

Sharing of tasks with Matuidi

In Blue, it also benefits from a sharing of tasks very clear with Blaise Matuidi. The Parisian is much less inclined towards the front with the PSG. It takes care of the menial work and never hesitates to protect the climbs of Pogba. The volume of the game, Matuidi is the safety valve that allows the Mancunien to take more responsibility offensive. The beginning of the meeting in the face of the Swedes was on this point exemplary. Pogba tried his luck on three occasions when Matuidi, team-mate, copy, covering his rear, posted just in front of the hinge. The middle, found his balance and Pogba, its cruising speed.


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