Sunday, November 20, 2016

Primary right : a strong participation and boondoggles – The Figaro

VIDEO – The participation will exceed the symbolic threshold of three million voters. But bugs in some of the polling stations could come tarnish the balance sheet of this first round.

the challenge of the mobilisation is successful. Discussion for the last several months as the main unknown of this election, participation has been finally in the appointment of the first round of the primary on the right this Sunday. In fact, according to a count of the organizers, more than 2.5 million voters were registered in 17 hours. A significant figure that could still change by the end of the day. “We are going to exceed the three million,” assured the president of the organizing committee of the primary, Thierry Solère, on LCI. More important, therefore, that of the socialist primaries of 2011, which had gathered 2.6 million of voters.

But the success is such here, that it has surprised the Republicans, and resulted in a few “bugs” in some of the polling stations. To start with Paris, the Essonne or the Rhône, where shortages of envelope have been reported as early as the middle of the day. To this is added the queue, which ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and a half according to the polls.

Another problem is that in the lyon region: as revealed by Progress, some of the voters whose last name begins with the letter “V” simply did not appear on the lists of actual voters and had to be added to the hand. Idem in Paris, where a journalist from The Express has reported that this same problem had occurred with other voters, among whom is the very famous communicator, Jacques Séguéla. A problem that has led the camp Juppé to seize the High Authority of the primary, who has confirmed that the additions to the manuscripts of the names on the lists of actual voters-were valid, therefore, that there was a consensus among the various assessors.

Finally, it is in the Bouches-du-Rhone that the main fault has been raised. In Chateaurenard, the assessor representative François Fillon would have actually been denied, according to Obs, the entry in the single polling place of the municipality – which has also opened 10 minutes before the appointed time. A situation immediately belied by the mayor sarkozyste of the city, Bernard Reynès, who shouted “lie” on Twitter. Teams of French prime minister François Fillon, however, have reported this anomaly to the High Authority, which the advisement is expected.


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