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Trial Fiona. Me Portejoie, a lawyer is not up to standard for the mother – in- West-France

It was defended Johnny Hallyday, Michel Charasse, Michelin… The counsel of clermont-ferrand, Me Portejoie, defends from today, to the foundations, Cecile Bud, the mother of the little Fiona. Portrait.

This is what we call a tenor of the bar. Me Gilles-Jean Portejoie, 66 years of age, who defends Cécile Bud, the mother of the little Fiona, has a career longer than a black dress. The former bâtonnier of the bar of Clermont-Ferrand has defended the amount of personalities : Johnny Halliday, the prefect Bonnet, the Horns of the info, Michelin, Jacques Anquetil… And Michel Charasse.

The former minister of the Budget François Mitterrand is a good client for a lawyer. “ Michel Charasse replica as soon as one violates his honor and his consideration. The rule of the game is simple : one key, one pit, he reacts immediately, whether in civil or criminal proceedings “, tells the lawyer in a book published last year (The white nights a black robe, editions of the Time).

The man of confidence of François Mitterrand became also the friend of Gilles-Jean Portejoie. The lawyer loves his loquacity even if it is sometimes excessive, his erudition and his way of being. About Michel Charasse, Me Portejoie reveals this anecdote. Gaston Deferre had one day shown to his boat moored in the port of Marseille : ” The defamation proceedings had enabled him to finance the project. Michel Charasse prefer to pay the sums to the Restos du cœur (…) A man is recognized by its own choice, “ appreciate the lawyer who also worked in the ministerial cabinets of the time of François Mitterrand and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hallyday accused of rape

Me Portejoie had been more surprised than the star of the French song, Johnny Hallyday, asked him to be his council in 2003. Just because he had the reputation of winning a trial for his client, Michel Charasse. A hostess, Marie-Christine Vo, accused him of raping her in April 2001, aboard a boat in Cannes. For the artist, the matter had resulted in a non-place. The accusatory, she was sentenced in 2007 for having paid fake medical certificates in support of his complaint.

For the lawyer who épaula Johnny Hallyday during five years, this case was also the opportunity for immersion in the world of show-bizz. He has not forgotten the ” reverential fear “ about the star on his family. He still remembers that visit the home of the star to Marnes-la-Coquette. The lawyer must announce the new little reassuring over the process of Johnny Hallyday, then surrounded by several collaborators.

” as I speak, the ones and the others are bunched together on the seat, for fear of the reaction of the singer. It was almost fun. Then, I point out to Johnny that it is noon, and that it would be more fun to continue the conversation in front of a glass. New moment of awe collective, in front of my loutishness. “Very good idea” replies Johnny. Everyone breathes, everyone is picking up… “, tells the lawyer.

A lawyer for controversial

today, Me Portejoie, the son of a shop owner and an insurer, knows that he remains a controversial figure. For his contacts policies. To have defended the former president of Togo, Eyadema, who is accused by a report of Amnesty international to be the cause of the death of hundreds of opponents. “ Has the Release, lawyers, communists, have defended the militia members, replica the lawyer.

he was also accused of continuing to defend the mother of Fiona, after the discovery of his lie (his daughter had disappeared while she was sleeping in a park, she had initially stated). And this, while Gilles-Jean Portejoie was a candidate in the local elections in Clermont-Ferrand. ” It is the honor of the lawyer and of the profession to defend our fellow man, regardless of the nature of their crime, as heinous as it is. “


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