Saturday, November 12, 2016

Versailles : the anti-migrants to the castle – The Parisian

Les flags flapping in the winter sun. They are 300 to 400, well wrapped up, on the place d’armes at Versailles, gathered together at the call of the Group Versailles Families Future, from the Manif for all, which has two elected to the city council. If the over 60 years of age are the most numerous, a few families and young adults are also there. A girl is at the side of the speakers on the stage, in front of which a banner is deployed by young activists. They are there to say ” no to the camp of migrants in Rocquencourt, in the Yvelines department, and elsewhere in France “, claimed Fabien Bouglé, to much applause, before calling for the help Donald Trump. “Here, we love wine ! Here, you eat the pig ! Here our women do not have the choice between being veiled and being raped, ” says even the elect of Versailles.

In the crowd, Edgard, 82 years old, came ” as a catholic, say no to immigration-invasive “. “I have nothing against the charity vis-à-vis migrants, he swears. I live in a HOUSING of le Chesnay and houses of people are not very courteous, nor in the respect of the values of France “. Victory and Baudoin, 20 years old, are for the closure of the borders. “We are ready to accommodate migrants but not without identity papers and on the condition to be less lax in order to issue the status of refugees “, loosen the two at Versailles.

Versailles, this Friday. Marine, 61-year-old, was keen to mark his hostility to the protesters. LP/Aurélie Foulon.

Navy, she made haste to another sign : “No to xenophobia, fraternity “. “I saw that there was no opposition to this event, I absolutely wanted to respond,” says the lady of 61 years, joined by one of his friends, the Circle of silence, an association in favour of the regularisation of undocumented migrants. And Eric, came to visit the castle. “When I have seen it with his panel, I said to myself that it had to be at his side,” he says. It’s a real shame this event. “


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