Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VIDEO. If a child does not ham in the canteen, he will take “a double ration of chips,” says Sarkozy – Franceinfo

Nicolas Sarkozy sinks the nail on its vision of secularism. The candidate with the primary right was hammered on Monday 7 November in Neuilly (Hauts-de-Seine), he did not want a menu substitution in the canteens. “I do not accept in our schools that there are tables of the jews and of the tables of muslims,”, has launched the former president of the Republic.

“If a student comes from a family where we don’t eat pork, well the day in the canteen where there are chips and a slice of ham, small does not take slice of ham and take a double ration of chips”, has added the former mayor of Neuilly (1983 to 2002). the “It is the Republic. The same rule and the same menu for everybody,”, concluded Nicolas Sarkozy, in front of an audience acquired.

“I sense mounting a ras-le-bol widespread of a France that silent, yet the majority, who can no longer hear what she hears at length that radio and see what it sees to the length of the tv show”, he also said. The former head of the State is still distanced by Alain Juppé in the polls on the primary.

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