Friday, November 4, 2016

With nearly 3 million viewers, the primary right is always recipe – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The second debate organized by BFMTV and iTélé has collected 2.9 million people behind the small screen. BFMTV is ranked third string the most-watched Thursday night, behind TF1 and M6.

The interest of the French to the primary right cannot be denied. Aired Thursday night on BFMTV and iTélé, the second debate between the candidates has collected 2.9 million viewers between 20: 30 and 23: 15, or 12.5% of the general public. The major part of the listeners, is 2,47 million people, has followed the exchanges on BFMTV. iTélé, in strike since two weeks, has attracted 410.000 télespectateurs (1,7%).

With an audience share of 10.5%, BFMTV is ranked third string the most-watched Thursday night. TF1 has made the race in the lead with the series Profiling (5.6 million viewers, a 22.2% of PDA), followed by M6 and the film Divergent (2.4 million viewers, 10.9% of PDA). The chain info continues to pass in front of Special Envoy of France 2, which was attended by 1.8 million people (9.1% of PDA).

The after-debate has also been carried out on BFMTV, with 1 million viewers between 23: 15 and 0h55, or 13.7% of the general public. The teams iTélé wished they also organize a program of debriefing, but were prevented by their management. The writing strike was said to “regret” this decision, while the chain was originally to devote himself to the debate between 18: 30 and midnight. It will be eventually disseminated as exchanges between the candidates. Franceinfo, for its part, also held a debriefing between 23h and midnight, organized jointly by the channel and the radio. The string info not subscribing to the actions of audiences day-to-day of Médiamétrie, the performance of this émisison is unknown.

The first debate of the primary on the right was circulated on 13 October on TF1. The chain had gathered 5.6 million viewers. The third debate will take place on 17 November, three days before the first round. The show will be broadcast on France 2 and Europe 1.


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