Friday, July 3, 2015

France: abandonment of the investigation into the alleged keeping records on students … – Le Vif

“There is no basis to prove anything. I close the case without further action,” he told AFP the prosecutor in Beziers, Yvon Calvet, who had opened a preliminary investigation to ” Illegal keeping of records because of ethnicity. ”

The mayor of Beziers, Robert Ménard, elected in 2014 with support from the National Front (extreme right) had said on May 4 have statistics on the religion of pupils in schools in establishing its Common presence of “64.6%” Muslim children.

“These are the figures of my town. Sorry to say, the mayor, class by class, the children’s names. I know I have no right to do so. Pardon say, the names say confessions. To say the opposite is to deny the obvious, “he said on public television France 2.

Before the outcry provoked, he had made walking back the next day, ensuring that there was “no pointing of students in Beziers” and that there would “never”. “I’m really pleased. This is the end of a bogus controversy. There was nothing illegal to say this, common sense triumphed. Say what seems to be the business of the mayor. He n ‘There was nothing at all in this matter, “responded Robert Ménard Thursday night’s announcement of the prosecutor.



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