Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bac 2016: an exceptional success rate of 88.5% – francetv info

This is a tank with record results. As these high school students, 88.5% of applicants were admitted to the examination, or 0.7% point higher than in 2015. High School, technological or vocational, all show higher results. This is a trend for several decades. In 1980, only 63.9% of candidates passed the exam. The success rate has steadily improved. Pretty well, or very well, references have also followed suit. They welcome more and more studious students.

Only one-quarter of them were dropping mention it was 20 years ago. This year, nearly half of the graduates rewarded. So did the tray and sold off too easy? Contrary to popular belief, everyone does not pick the diploma, because the success rate does not take into account the absent candidates and those who have abandoned terminally courses. This affects more than 100,000 students per session.

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