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Bac 2016: a record success rate – Le Figaro

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with 88.5% of candidates admitted after the catching up of events, bachelor 2016 passes the 2014, which had set the previous record with a success rate 87.9%.

The 2016 pan into history. After the second round of trials, which corresponds to the oral of catching up, 88.5% of applicants were admitted, a record high. The previous record was set during the 2014 trough, with a success rate of 87.9%. Next up, 90% of the bar allowed? With the new rules, which candidates would opt to keep their grades above average next year, no doubt that the success rate bachelor expected to INCREASE in the coming years.

According to the virtually definitive figures released Saturday by the Ministry of Education, with 88.5% of admitted, the overall success rate at this meeting in June is up 0.7 points compared to 2015. This session allows 632,700 applicants to become graduates.

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91.4% success in general tray

the success rate in the general series is 91 , 4%. It is stable compared to 2015 (91.5%). The number of general baccalauréat is close to 327,000, or 10,100 more than in 2015. The different series success rates are:

– Bac ES: 91.1% (-0 1 point)

– Bac L: 91.2% (+0.6 points)

– Bac S: 91.6% (-0.2 points)

the success rate in the technological series stood at 90.7%, stable compared to 2015 (90.6%):

– the STI2D of the series (91.9%) increased slightly (+ 0.2%);

– One of the ST2S series progresses and reaches 92.3%, almost 11 points more than in 2012;

– One of the MGT series fell slightly, to 89.2% (-0.3 points).

Again, this is the increase in success rate in vocational baccalaureate allows the overall success rate of progress. It stood at 82.2%, with growth sharply from the previous year (+1.9 point). It helped qualify more than 179,200 young people, 63,000 more than in 2010, says the Ministry.

Always more references

The number of candidates with a mention is also increasing. For the 2016 trough, 48.2% of applicants were awarded a mention, against 46.3% in 2015. This is 7.3% of the candidates were rated “Very Good”. There were only 6.2% the previous year.

“” “Find the results of the 2016 tray academy by acdémie.

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