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In Corsica, Manuel Valls is firm deal with nationalist claims – L’Express

A new visit to the Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Monday. This is indeed the first time since he is Matignon, the government leader visited Corsica. Led by nationalists since their victory in the regional elections of 2015, the Prime Minister was highly anticipated on the Island of Beauty.

Many points are indeed cause tensions between him and the nationalist leaders, Jean-Guy Talamoni, President of the Corsican Assembly, and Gilles Simeoni’s executive board chairman. Co-official of Corsica, amnesty for “political” prisoners, resident status … In turn, the two elected, reiterated their request to the Prime Minister. But, not surprisingly, Manuel Valls has again shown very strong on each of their claims.

The co-official language of the Corsican rejected

This is a key demand of the Corsican leaders. They want the Corsican language be officially recognized on the island, as well as French. Last December, during his inauguration speech, the President of the Assembly of Corsica Jean-Guy Talamoni had spoken in Corsica. What had shocked the city and Manuel Valls had then warned against these “red lines that can not be discussed.”

On Monday, the prime minister was equally firm on this issue during a speech to the Corsican Assembly. “The Republic has only one official language, French, as it is practiced by all. We will not of course on this principle,” even if it “recognizes, too, fully Corsican language, cement your culture,” launched the tenant of Matignon.

It is however not come empty handed. Manuel Valls announced the creation of a new aggregation “Corsican language and culture”, and the twenty positions in the academy, reaffirming the goal of a bilingual classes in each school.

For Manuel Valls, there is no “political prisoners”

Again, the Prime Minister was very firm against demands autonomists. Before he spoke, the president of the Assembly Jean-Guy Talamoni called “amnesty” for prisoners and wanted “Corsican policy, while” FLNC [National Liberation Front of Corsica, Ed] decided there two years out of hiding “

STORIES & gt;. & gt; the seven Corsican provocations that complicate the dialogue with Paris

“the Corsican society, as a whole, says that it is of political prisoners,” added Jean-Guy Talamoni who denounced the imprisonment of “several Corsicans” with “empty folders.” But a few minutes later Monday morning, Manuel Valls was adamant: “neither political prisoners, neither amnesty nor forgetting a serious crime committed against the Republic, that is simply but firmly the government line”

<. h3 class = "heading title_delta"> Refusal of a Corsican resident status

in April 2014, the Corsican Assembly adopted a vow to create a Corsican resident status. This provision would require anyone wishing to buy a home or land on the island to justify five years of residence in Corsica. The goal: controlling the real estate soaring and speculation. But again, it is a “red line” not to be crossed for Manuel Valls.

“The affirmation of the Corsican identity will not pass through exclusion, the co-official language or resident status,” he warned.

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Despite these releases, Manuel Valls assured: “I love Corsica.” He has given some guarantees to elected the island. The unique community that will replace the current and the two departments of Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse come well into force on 1 January 2018. It will have a “room of territories” requested by many elected.

Regarding the arrested Miot, reducing the estate tax in Corsica, despite the “constitutional constraints” the principle of equality between French citizens, “I am convinced that a way legal exists to extend the special derogation, “he reassured Manuel Valls.

“When there are difficulties not only because of the state. When it’s good it’s not only through the Corsican institutions,” continued the Prime Minister. But the Corsican leaders, the account is not there after this first visit of Manuel Valls.

“There are technical advances but, politically, the government has failed to give the expected and hoped dimension to build a real political solution,” lamented the president of the separatist Gilles Executive Board Simeoni.


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