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13-November: France pays tribute stripped to the victims – The Point

A year to the day after the attacks of November 13, Francois Hollande has presided over the Sunday commemorations, imprints of sobriety, of the bombings the deadliest ever known to the country, unveiling of plaques in memory of the victims at Saint-Denis and Paris.

The Stade de France at le Bataclan, 9: 00 am to 11: 00 AM, at every step almost the same ceremonial stripped: the president has unveiled six plaques “in memory of the victims injured and murdered” by the commandos of the group jihadist islamic State (EI). In each place, the names of the victims were read out before a minute’s silence and the laying of a wreath.

in Front of the Stade de France, the Portuguese Manuel Dias was the first of the 130 people killed.

This is his son Michael Dias who read the only speech during the tribute, a very personal text about his father in the form of a hymn to tolerance. “We must strive to combat the stigma and division; integration is the solution”, he started.

The time was to “sobriety”, according to the wishes of victims ‘ associations. Six months of the presidential election, the government does not want to be accused of “recovery”.

The head of State, accompanied by Prime minister Manuel Valls, ministers and elected officials, has exchanged each time with victims. In front of the Stade de France, he spent a moment from a vigil in a wheelchair.

Following the chronological order of the attacks, the president of the Republic, with the mayor of the capital, Anne Hidalgo, then went to Paris close to bars and restaurants in The Little Cambodia, the Carillon, the Good Beer, the Counter Voltaire, and The great team, in the Tenth and Eleventh arrondissements. Thirty-nine people had been murdered.

“Everything is back like before, even if we don’t forget and it should not be forgotten. There was even recently the impacts of bullets on the walls”, told AFP Matthias, teacher of 46 years who lives near the Carillon.

The route is signed in front of the Bataclan: a commando had raided in the middle of a concert of the american rock group Eagles of Death Metal.

The day before, the concert hall was reopened with a moving concert of Sting to “remember” and “celebrate life”, after a minute of silence.

- State of emergency likely to be extended -

It is in front of this legendary venue that had gathered the most people to Sunday morning, in an atmosphere that is gathered when were égrénées the names of 90 people who had been killed.

Jesse Hughes, singer of Eagles of Death Metal, has attended the ceremony. Saturday night, he had been buried at the entrance to the Bataclan due to his statements suspicious against the security guards. But the band’s manager has denied this incident.

one Hundred and thirty dead, hundreds injured: the capital remains reached and the country all the more experienced that other attacks have followed, such as in Nice, July 14 (86 deaths).

a Sign of a change of era: the state of emergency declared in the evening of 13 November. Prime minister Manuel Valls said on Sunday the BBC that this exception regime would “without doubt be extended by a few months” in January, in particular due to the presidential election.

according To Alain Juppe, candidate for the primary of the right, “it is necessary that the leaders of France are rising to the occasion, and they implement all the means to end terrorism”.

A large majority of French (75%) find it important to commemorate the terrorist attacks, and 56% are “angry”, according to a survey Odoxa published by le Parisien.

“For us, it is very important for everyone to come pay tribute to the dead (…) that we are all together,” pointed out Caroline Langlade, president of the association Life for Paris.

Sunday at 12: 30 PM, a public rally is planned in front of the mairie of the Eleventh arrondissement, where you will have released balloons in memory of the victims.

The archbishop of Paris, cardinal André Vingt-Trois, will preside at 18H30 in the cathedral of Our Lady at a mass in tribute.

In the evening, lanterns, symbols of hope and life”, must be filed on the canal Saint-Martin, close to several of the terraces are under attack. And the French have been known to put a candle in their windows.

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