Saturday, November 12, 2016

“Juppé is the best shield anti-Le Pen” – Le Parisien

PRIMARY D – 7. The essayist Alain Minc, who has advised Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysée, argued for a January 2015 the candidacy of Alain Juppe.

a week in the first round of the primary of the right, Alain Minc believes that Alain Juppé is in the best position to win in 2017 in the face of Marine Le Pen.

The presidency, Trump will be the announced disaster ?
For Americans, this will be a conservative government as they have already known. For Europeans, it may be the worst, the candidate Trump has declared that the guarantee of Nato would not be automatic. I would not like to be Lithuanian or Estonian in the area where Putin will test one day Trump… But it can also be an opportunity, in particular for France, which has a huge map of diplomatic play on the defense, the day it will be something other than a government agency. We would have a head of State that is legitimate, newly-elected, he would organize a conference in Paris with Theresa May — the defence is out of Brexit — the Germans, the Spanish, the Italians and Poles, who find themselves in the risk zone. Facing the back of the line isolationist in the United States, we Europeans must play in concert. It is necessary to make a shake an advantage.

Alain Juppe is it the Hillary Clinton French, the candidate of the system ?
This story of the people against the elites, it is a fadaise. Hispanics have voted for Clinton, African-Americans, and also a part of the “petits Blancs” : do they belong to the elite ? If this was the case, the United States would be incredibly democratic ! The difference between our two countries is that we have community issues, but we are not a addition of communities. But there are also among us the left-behind of the system : it is now a priority.

Nicolas Sarkozy claims precisely to be the candidate of the people…
He’s confused campaign of primary and national campaign. The primary is an election that addresses an audience of politically aware and interested. The people, in the sense that he hears, vote not much. It is not necessary to confuse the people and participants in meetings.

how Juppé is there a better candidate ?
Because it is the best shield anti-Le Pen. It is the only one who can surpass the first round by the absence of the candidacy of François Bayrou. And the only one who, in the second round, will have the support of the left, and create a gap huge with the FN. This is even more true since the election of Donald Trump. Populism is more than ever the threat to western countries.

He does not dream of the crowds…
The policy, this is not a dream!!! Democracy, it is serious and boring. That is the fact that France holds in the state of decay of the power of François Hollande ? It is the strength of the institutions. In the collective unconscious, Alain Juppé looks like a conventional chair of the Ve Republic, which the French want authority and to be held. Sarkozy had the authority, undeniably, but not always required. Holland has neither the authority nor the outfit. Juppé has the authority and held.

A woman Prime minister, it would be time, no ?
the choice of The Prime minister is the privilege of sovereign par excellence of the president. But as a citizen base, I would ardently desire a woman to Matignon.

With his liberal agenda, Juppé will he put France in the street ?
Its programme, no offense to rivals, this is not the herbal tea ! But the unions are legitimists. A president elected with 65-70 % has a clear mandate to do what he has promised. Why are the trade unions took to the street in 1995 ? Because the government did the opposite of campaign promises of Jacques Chirac on the social divide. Why are the trade unions took to the streets against the law El Khomri ? Because this government has weakened and the end of the lease, has made a reform contrary to the campaign of François Hollande in 2012.

François Bayrou can he be Prime minister ?
Alain Juppe has said something fundamental : the Prime minister will be from the dominant group in the majority, the republican group. Stop with the fantasies and the scarecrows.

You are familiar with Emmanuel Macron, he has his chances ?
I like it a lot, but he has made a mistake of timing and positioning. He would have had to say : “I am a man of the left who wants to do this that neither Jd nor Rocard were not able to do so. “And he would have had to go to the primary of the left. There, I do not see its political space. And when I read their proposals, it is worth the price of the testing policy, but this is not a presidential program. He explained that there needs to be more flexibility. Very well. But the policy, that is to say : we remove the ISF or not ? It touches upon the status of the public service or not ? It pushes back the age of retirement or not ? The policy, it is a multiple choice test : can be answered with yes or no questions very difficult.

The book of confidences from Holland to journalists, it is a mistake ?
Yes. François Hollande, at the bottom, is a journalist before being a politician. This book, this is a conversation to brew between three journalists, who tell about their day out of the newsroom. This is not worthy of a president of the Ve Republic.

The right has initiated an impeachment process against him for violation of the secrecy-defense…
I don’t want to, out of respect for the presidential office, that he finds himself in judicial proceedings weak. Even when he would have retired policy in six months.


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