Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Neuilly, Nicolas Sarkozy curry Alain Juppé – The World

In his fief, the former head of the State has opposed his determination in the face of softness presumed to be his rival.

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A real fire. Thirteen days to the first round of the primary of the right. Nicolas Sarkozy has multiplied the charges against Alain Juppé, on Monday 7 November, at a public meeting in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), in his fief. In front of his relatives present in the first place – including his son John, the couple Balkany and senator Roger Karoutchi – the ex-head of the State has not only shared his ” emotion “ back in a city where he made his debut in politics. Most importantly, it has sought to weaken the one who is ahead in voting intentions in the targeting in all directions.

Arguing for ” alternating ” strong “, Mr. Sarkozy has put forward his ” energy “ he opposed the” alternating soft ” that would probably mean, according to him, his rival, is presented as a angéliste. the ” I will not be the president of the status quo and the status quo “-he said in front of more than a thousand of his supporters, the whole acquired to his cause. Before you laugh at the concept of” being happy “the mayor of Bordeaux, inappropriate with its eyes, ” in a country with 6 million unemployed and a downgrade of the middle classes “.

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Determined to exploit the lesser angle of attack against Mr. Juppe, it has blasted its desire to increase the VAT when he promises to lower income tax of 10 %. One point on which the ex-president intends to support in the final stretch of the campaign. Its competitor was considered ” inhumane “ its proposal to suspend family reunification ? He jumps on the opportunity to denounce the ” the single thought “ : ” that which is inhuman, it is to suggest a kid in the Sahel it has a future in France whereas there is no employment or housing !

Your light

True to its past benefits, the ex-president has again agitated the scarecrow Bayrou, who he does not forgive for having chosen François Hollande in 2012, in the hope of reaching Mr. Juppé. After you have made a real indictment against the president of the MoDem, guilty of ” want the regularisation of undocumented migrants “, he asked : ” We have disagreements of substance ; and what agreement of government are we going to do with him ? “

outside of these attacks, Mr. Sarkozy has sometimes used a light shade, not far from the stand-up, subjects yet not conducive to humor. Reaffirming its commitment to hold a referendum to allow to lock the “plugged S” in a preventive manner, he started, in front of an audience hilarious : ” what’s it for, a database S, if it is not used ? Collecting the photos ? “In the same vein, it has blagué making a reference to the ” global warming “ to explain the existence of a ” “jungle” at Calais, “.

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While it is as the loser in the second round by all the polls, sometimes with over 20 points difference, Mr. Sarkozy has tried to instill a sense of optimism to his troops, in prey to doubt. the ” I feel mount the mobilization of France was silent which can do no more ! “, he started, before continuing, in a tone of provocative : ” In fifteen days, they will be surprised ! “


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