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Grenoble : a psychiatrist and a hospital deemed to have left to escape a schizophrenic murderer – LCI

JUSTICE – The trial of a new the responsibility of a psychiatrist and the institution where he was near Grenoble in the murder of a young student in 2008, by one of the patients of the hospital, is nearing its end. A sentence of 18 months suspended prison sentence has been requested against a practitioner.

How a schizophrenic patient to the violent past he could leave the psychiatric hospital where he was interned and kill the first came, one day in November 2008 ? This is in essence what the criminal court of Grenoble has tried to understand during the trial of the doctor who was in charge of the patient, dr Lekhraj Gujadhur, and the psychiatric centre at Saint-Egrève, in the suburbs of grenoble, where he taught.

Nearly eight years to the day after the killing of Luke Miller, a young student of 26 years in mechanical engineering, with 18 months suspended prison sentence was required on Tuesday against the psychiatrist, who was prosecuted for manslaughter, and a fine of 100,000 euros against the hospital of Saint-Egrève. The case, a first of this type deemed criminal in France, has been reserved to December 14.

many worrying signs

On November 12, 2008, Jean-Pierre Guillaud, 56 years, suffering from psychosis, delusional chronic for nearly four decades, and already author of the assault weapon, as well as several fugues, and fled without difficulty, at the Centre hospitalier de Saint-Egrève (Isère). Despite many worrying signs, on the days preceding the drama, the patient is allowed out, unsupervised, in the park, not fenced off from the hospital. It was during one of these outings he will leave his place of internment, and will travel to Grenoble, where he poignardera Luc Meunier.

during the trial, the lawyer of the family and the former girlfriend of Luc Meunier has pointed out that the November 8, 2008, “his bad voice (that of Jean-Pierre Guillaud, editor’s note) told him to commit suicide or kill someone”, same as the 9 and 10 November.

He had not taken note of the folder

The prosecutor Olivier Nagabbo has retained the serious fault against the doctor, now in his seventies and retired. “This is not psychiatry that is judged but the indifference and the disinterest of Dr. Gujadhur which has failed in its mission,” said the magistrate. The latter was in fact recalled that the authorizations of out-of-Jean-Pierre Guillaud were hand signed by a practitioner who had not read the record of this patient dangerous in involuntary hospitalization in the past two years.

At the bar, Dr. Gujadhur has in effect admitted to not knowing Jean-Pierre Guillaud, saying have trusted his sister in charge of the follow-up of a schizophrenic. Yet it is to him that had the responsibility to prescribe the treatments to patients and to issue authorizations for the outputs.

“The institution went wrong”

The lawyer of Dr. Gujadhur, Me Jean-Yves Balestas, who pleaded the release, recalled for his part as “patients like Jean-Pierre Guillaud, there are many (…) I will tell all of my clients to psychiatrists or to lock the cells, but it is contrary to the law, or of not caring”.

On the hospital, sued as a legal entity for involuntary manslaughter, the prosecutor has retained the “ordinary negligence” for failing to implement a service note on the control of the exits of patients. Before the tribunal, the director of the institution, Pascal Mariotti, arrived five months after the fact, held that “the hospital must assume its moral responsibility”, “the means were there on the 12th of November, the institution went wrong”.

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