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Before the tribunal, the defence awkward of the policeman who had struck a high school student in Paris – The World

The prosecutor has requested six-month suspended prison sentence against the guardian of the peace who had given a punch to that of a student of Bergson in march when the movement against the law to work.

eleven seconds of video are overwhelming. A boy on earth is yelled at by three police officers : ” get Up ! Lève-toi ! “, they scream at him, twisting the arm. Scarcely is he standing as one of the guardians of the peace, helmeted, he produced a fist full in the face. The boy is violently projected on the ground, the police stopped holding his knee on the body. Two of his colleagues, shield in hand, place themselves in front.

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Without this video, filmed by a mobile phone, Sofiane O., keeper of the peace the office of the commissioner of the 19e arrondissement of Paris, would never have appeared before the criminal court, under the charge of ” voluntary violence by a person agent of the public authority “.

The victim is a high school student 15 years of age ; he had returned home without daring to tell his parents what had happened. On the morning of 24 march, in full wave of protests against the law working, Adan had arrived in front of the lycée Bergson whose gates were barred by a fleeting barrage of garbage.

It was attached to the group of students who threw eggs and packets of flour on the handful of police officers sent by the commissioner. Furious to have been achieved, and having received the order to arrest the ” recalcitrant “, they had sued the students in the street. Adan was one of them. Running, he tripped and fell, immediately surrounded by three police officers.

Put online in the hours that followed, the video had ignited social networks and led the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN) to launch an investigation.

A police officer hitting a student in front of the lycée Henri-Bergson, Paris, 24 march.

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” It burns, the flour ? “

What a contrast between the look wise of the accused, a young man slight of stature, with fine features, wearing a dark suit and tie, which is held in front of the court and these images of violence to a policeman, helmeted aired in the courtroom !

Between language elements calibrated – ” the numbers were inadequate, “”I was only doing the police missions rescue, and I had only received a few hours of training in the maintenance of the order” – and language of the minutes – ” hostility of individuals “the arrival of “the crew” –, Sofiane O., 26 years old, seem to recite more than he expresses. the ” there was a risk that it degenerates, I was on the alert, in a situation of stress “, he said.

The president :

These are eggs, is what it really represents a danger ?

I also saw a packet of flour ignited…

– But it burns, the flour ? request, undecided, the president.

Ben yes, the paper. With a lighter. “

Sofiane O. also assures to have seen the high school ” throwing stones “. “Not much, “ grants.

You have not noted in the report that you have written on the same day, observed the president.

It is an oversight on my part. “

The keeper of the peace also says that it is ” felt in danger “ when the student to which he himself with his two colleagues, was restated.

” I had the impression that his fingers were pulling on the chinstrap of my helmet. I wanted him to wear a blow to the plexus. Unfortunately, at this time, there has been a flare-up. It is an unfortunate combination of circumstances, I’ve never had the desire to hit him in the face. I really regret it. Especially that I worked hard to get into the police. “

Awkwardly, he adds, for proof of his good faith : ” not to mention that I have been working for two years in this office, I know that there are video surveillance cameras of the prefecture of police and that the high school students are filming everything with their phone… “

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different Version

The accused was, however, more difficult to explain why, during his first interrogation by the IGPN, he gave a very different version of the facts, before the investigators do not submit images of the videos filmed on the spot.

on the other side of the bench, sitting between his parents, Adan, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, seems overwhelmed by the attention that surrounds it. Called to the bar, he shyly shares the facts, recognizes the throws of egg and flour, ensures that there has been no stone-throwing, and created a smile on the faces of the judges when he says that he has neither uttered nor heard of insults against the police officers.

” You have it so well received ?

– If, yes but no, “ breath the teenager, who left him with a bloody nose and a wound fortunately without gravity on the back of the skull.

” I want to believe that Sofiane O. was really freaked out that day, that he is aware of the gravity of his actions and that this appearance enabled him to realize that he almost lose everything “, observed the prosecutor in the requesting party against the guardian of the peace six-month suspended prison sentence, without registration criminal to allow him to continue to exercise his profession.

The judgment was reserved on 23 November. In the meantime, Sofiane O., prohibited of mission on the public highway, has been assigned… to the surveillance cameras.

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