Thursday, November 10, 2016

The high school student with a broken nose wants to “understand why” he was struck by a police officer – BFMTV.COM

It goes “a little better”. The secondary school pupil in paris struck in the face by a policeman during a protest against the act Work in the month of march last was entrusted to France info. But Adam -his name has been changed to protect his anonymity – was always difficult to breathe. The boy started classes again in September, in the same lycée Bergson in the 19th district of Paris, where, some months earlier, immobilized by two representatives of forces of law and order, a guardian of the peace he has broken the nose. A blow that was thrown to the ground.

on Thursday, Adam has had to deal with this police officer, as the trial of the latter is opened at the correctional court of Paris. The official 26-year-old is prosecuted for voluntary violence by a person agent of the public authority. Placed in custody, he had recognized the face of the IGPN “having spent wrongly disproportionate force,” according to Release. He faces up to three years of prison and 45.000 euros of fine. Thursday afternoon, the prosecutor’s office has requested a six-month suspended prison sentence against him. Wanting to believe that the police officer, 26-year-old, was “aware of the gravity of his actions”, the prosecutor proposed the court not to add his condemnation to his criminal record.

“These images are shocking”

The scene had been filmed and relayed on social networks. The images had sparked a strong emotion, up to the minister of the Interior.

“These images are shocking and I was shocked because they do not correspond to the image that the vast majority of police officers in France will do their mission,” had reacted to Bernard Cazeneuve.

Adam, 15-year-old, still can not be operated. “First I must wait to have done with my growth,’ he said to the radio. The teenager enrolled in second grade did not want to review the images, which “would remind of bad memories”. But he remembers “very well” “the policeman and his fist” and his “fall to the ground”. The high school student still scarred by the incident: he sometimes “blocking” when he encounters police officers.

“It has the look frozen sometimes”

To the father of the boy, his son is no longer the same.

“It has changed completely, it has the look frozen sometimes,” said on France info. “When you ask him, he tells us that it will. But we, we can see that it’s not going to. We are afraid that there is something going on after.”

If Adam, who spoke shortly after the facts of his “sense of injustice” at BFMTV, and then went to see a psychologist, the trauma is still there. “He has something in him. (…) The night he is not sleeping well, he wakes up, it is sometimes found in the hallway. Really, it worries me”, cares about his father. The teenager, meanwhile, ensures not to expect “much” of the trial.

“So, just one thing, he says. I would like to understand why he did that. After that, I will pass to something else.”


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