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Case Fiona : drugs, violence, and RSA,the unfortunate CV of the accused – The Figaro

VIDEO – The ex-boyfriend of the mother of the little girl of five years that the couple is accused of having killed, has described a life under the influence of drugs, the first day of their trial.

special Envoy to Riom

Berkane Makhlouf, 35, is apparently a man without quality. Except for one: “He loves children”. When all of the time, he said to himself: “For me, children, it is sacred”, the room is récriée in an “oh” of protest feebly repressed by the chairman, Dominique Brault. But when Stephanie, his former girlfriend, who has fled, broken by his jealousy obsessive and his repeated blows, said that he “loves children”, that “it is very nice to be with them”, the room said no more. And the president, who gives the impression of instruct more to charge than to discharge, immediately returned to the witness, the addiction of the accused.

Ali did, either, no gift to make to Berkane Makhlouf, his half-brother. In this family of six children, born to three different fathers, it was every man for himself, and the companions flew low. But Ali, as Stephanie says: “My brother took care very well of my children 5 and 3 years old. Never worry about it. They loved him as well. A dozen times, he took them, he bought them for 20€ candy”. The president, who does without doubt not the sweets, then asks what quantity of heroin consumed the accused. “Up to 5 grams per day,” says the witness.

“Even without drugs, it is perched”

The trial of Cécile Bud and Berkane Makhlouf opened on Monday morning in front of the assizes of the Puy-de-Dome. Respectively, mother and father-in-law of Fiona, 5 years old, they meet in voluntary violence having led to the death of the child, without intending to give, a crime punishable by 30 years imprisonment. Both deny the facts, which they have so far rejected each other’s responsibility. At the beginning, they had yelled at the mysterious disappearance, putting in motion a scheme of research of large-scale, and then ulcérant public opinion when lie was stale. Fiona is dead at home in may 2013: this is the only certainty in this folder sordid.

The first day of hearing was devoted to the curriculum vitae of the man in the box. A shipwreck. Student no, dissipated, addict at a very young age everything that swallows, sniffe or smokes, paranoid – but “even without drugs, it is perched”, diagnostic, Ali, lazy, like a loach, addicted to heroin and the RSA, violent as soon as the opportunity presents itself, it is a individual dull and narrow-minded. He does not know more the date of the death of his parents than the birth of B., the son he had with Cecilia Bud in August 2013. It, heroin addict including while she was B., she, it has beaten like plaster during their life together, of her, that he was loaded as he could to the statement, he said today: “It is not an assassin [sic], the mother is extra, an extraordinary woman, the most him not arrive at the ankle”. He adds in a burst opportunistic that we guess is developed with his lawyer: “Me neither, I’m not a murderer”.

“If we had not consumed all that, it would perhaps not be here”

The president sweeps the life of the defendant very quickly, as a leaflet, in the waiting room of the dentist, a bad magazine. We learn that Mr. Makhlouf would have wanted to be “a football player, basketball player, or a carpenter-roofer”. It has not often worked, but once was, momentarily, an employee in the parks and gardens of Nevers: “It was a good job, remembers the person concerned. It was his course to do, we picked up the paper with a pair of tweezers, we had our garbage can on wheels, they had “people”. The president concludes that the accused could not stand “to be ordered”. At one point, Mr. Makhlouf draft a mea culpa: “There are more than one person who handed me the hand. I would have been able to work, yet I was not”. The president did not ask who has stretched the hand, but ask him about his crops of cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Heroin, cocaine, pot, ketamine, ecstasy, mushrooms… “What drug would you rather?”, queries the magistrate. “All of them are destructive. If we had not consumed all that, it would perhaps not be here,” responds the accused, who is not raised on the meaning of this formula is admittedly a little téléphonée. He will be, on the other hand, on his reading of the Qur’an, although no religious dimension has never been paid to the martyrdom of Fiona and the practice of islam M. Makhlouf, drinker, drug addict, brawler, does not appear to be the most orthodox.

Berkane Makhlouf is it sot?

What portrait of him is taking shape-t-he in the beginning of the trial? The one of a poor guy that life has not spoiled, but who has never done anything to get out of it, which, euphemistically, does not plead in its favor. A spouse jealous up to paranoia, which “broke everything” when he was upset. An individual reflective rarely, sentenced to ten times for theft, violence, of the drug cases. In fact, Berkane Makhlouf is the portrait-robot of many offenders that we encounter day-to-day in the palace of justice. Except that, fortunately, do not respond to the death of a little girl of 5 years.

Berkane Makhlouf is it sot? It is possible. For many, it is a pity that the president takes this trial of the way, as if everything was stupidly simple (drugs + domestic violence = voluntary violence on a minor of 15 years old which resulted in death without intention of giving by person with authority). The issue of the debates? Get a legal truth that is acceptable to, finally, know how Fiona is dead, and, in the best case, where it was buried on the sly, so that she could rest in a decent burial. This is not nothing.

To the assizes court, where the penalties are heaviest, least the defendants are intellectually performing and more the justice must show them what intelligence is. If they do not understand the lesson, the memory of their victim, at least, deserves this effort.


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