Tuesday, November 1, 2016

François Hollande “ensures that there will be no relocation” of migrants in the Calais “jungle” – The World

” In the coming days, it should be no more of foreign minors in Calais, ” said the head of State, after the last of the shelters that were in the camp of migrants have been destroyed on Monday.

the president of the Republic praised

In an interview granted to the Voice of The North, published on Tuesday 1 November, president François Hollande ensures that ” that there will be no relocation “ of migrants in the lande of Calais, as the last of the shelters that were still in the northern area were destroyed Monday in the late afternoon.

” It is evacuated. It will be secure. Nobody can join, “, has added the head of State. The president of the Republic praised ” an operation which has been conducted in a manner humane and dignified, but also effective and firm. “

a Few tens of caravans empty remain

the last of The shelters that were still in the northern area were destroyed in the context of the work of dismantling the camp of migrants, who were scheduled to end Monday evening. Several diggers were active for 8 hours to destroy the few shelters that were still standing and clearing away the carcasses of those ravaged by fires last week.

The work to shave the

Monday evening, only a few tens of caravans empty remained, very close to the containers of the temporary accommodation centre (CAP). According to a policeman interviewed on the spot by the AFP, they must be destroyed on Tuesday.

The church and the mosque of fortune, preserved for the dismantling of the southern area of the “jungle” in march, should not be destroyed as long as there are still migrants in CAPE town, according to the prefecture.

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” I want to stay in France now “

About the unaccompanied minors, the head of State ensures that they ” will be accompanied in dedicated centres, where british officials could discuss their cases “ and that ” those who do would not [to Great Britain] will be supported by the services of the social assistance to children throughout the territory “. the ” In the coming days, it should be no more of foreign minors in Calais “, he continued.

While the “jungle” looks more than ever to a vast field of ruins, several refugees say they have spent the night outside in front of the CAPE.

Mohammed, 18 years old, crossed in the old alley ” shopping “, near the entrance to the camp, was in search of new, perched on his bike : ” I was told that there would be buses today, when ? “” Finished “the jungle”, done England, I want to stay in France now, said ” the Sudanese, housed in a container from CAPE town. the I have no friend here, they are all gone to Amiens or Arras. “

The young people of the CAPE were doing their toiletries in the morning in sanitary bags ; others headed for the centre Jules-Ferry to take their breakfast. Of migrants encountered before the CAPE, without a bracelet, that is to say that were not registered during the total evacuation organized from Monday to Wednesday, said to have been a dozen to sleep there this night.

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