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Migrants in Paris : “I have no tent. I sleep where tonight ?” – Obs

Mireille had planned to go to the pool. By the way, early this morning (Monday 31 October, it falls on the police operation to “administrative control” of migrants who have found refuge in the bottom of her home, on the sidewalks. There, at the north-east of Paris, between the avenue of Flanders and the subway Jaurès and Stalingrad, they are about 2.000, – mainly Afghans, Sudanese, and Eritreans – to sleep outside. Mireille, 68 years of age, was beautiful to live in the district, have already seen, impossible to get used to. In the late morning, it is still there. She observes the men dressed in white overalls who is sweeping the remains of the camp of misfortune which was established under the metro st ation Jaurès, as well as on a small plot in front.

migrants “taken away in a bus”

at his side, behind a cordon of police, some citizens and dozens of migrants, visibly exhausted, also attended the scene. Gray hair and windproof-red, Mireille tells the story of how, a little earlier, many of the tents have been removed, and some migrants are “taken away in a bus.” “In the direction of an administrative detention centre ?”, is concerned about the sexagenarian.

“If these people had nothing to justify their situation on the French territory, they were able to be directed to the CRA,” says only, without further details, a police source.

According to “France Bleu”, forty people are mounted in a police bus around 9 hours.

The spirits are then heated. The CRS have surrounded many migrants. Still, according to “France Bleu”, when some of the refugees shouted, the police officers have responded with “batons” and tear gas. In a scene filmed by several media outlets (see the video at the top of the article), two young migrants express their incomprehension in the face of police wearing helmets, shields in hand, mute :

“What do you want ? If you want something from us, we shall give it to you. Why you do not speak to us ?”

The goal of the authorities at these “control operations”, is to check the administrative situation of migrants and the health status of the camp. “If the personal effects and/or tents have been removed, it is for reasons of hygiene, breath the same police source. These tents were asking-they issue more than others ? We do not know more.

(William Abenhaim/SIPA)

“An operation of moving a household to more”

Already evacuated, in September in particular, this camp has reformed and has grown in recent days, according to several associations, after the dismantling of the Calais “jungle”. This weekend, Prime minister Manuel Valls has announced its evacuation by the end of the week, and the “sheltering” of its occupants. In the meantime, many do not understand why a part of the camp was swept away. Some of the migrants have seen their business from the trash. Mireille, she sees only a “move household” extra, “as they do when they feel that the camp becomes too important”, to which she seeks in vain for a meaning. “Without doubt discourage people ! Why else ?”

While several citizens chant “Solidarity with the refugees,” Mireille continued, said :

“Some are asylum seekers, they can justify it. They should be hosted. See how they are treated ! It is mind-blowing.”

down Jacket pink and eyes azure, Cathy, for 42 years, a member of the association Utopia, 56, is specially come from the Drôme to “give a hand”. “This inhumanity makes me shudder”, she says only, quickly interrupted by a young man upset.

“They have even thrown in a tent ! They destroy the identity of the people”, a book by Yann, 21 years old, from the association “Sciences-Po Refugee Help”.

“Everything is in the trash”

A little before noon, the clearing is finished. The police left the scene. Immediately, the migrants draw up their tents, one against the other. One unfolds his blanket. Another sneaks in, a mattress on the head. “Difficult”, lance-t-il in a half-smile. “Some tell us to go back to our house but at home it is the case of Somalia, it is the war,” says Hussein, 18 years old, in the down jacket black, in Stalingrad for three weeks. It is part of those who no longer have to tent :

“Everything is in the trash. One sleeps where tonight ? I have not slept for eight days.”

Among the migrants, the incomprehension reign. “They took everything : the tents, the blankets,” breath Mohamed, Afghan of 21 years who has not been able to save his mobile phone. “It happened too fast”. He said that he had made it to Calais, a week ago, before coming back here. “We do not understand what the police, we do not embêtons person.” Bernard, his motorcycle helmet under his arm, stops. He did not return.

“We pretend to do humanitarian operations, or they are only screens. France must fulfill its obligations, it does not, contrary to his fine statements. It is really despicable. One more reason, if any were needed, to vote PS.”

Nawid, 16 years old, is sitting in front of a tent, his eyes focused on the phone of her neighbour. “There is no humanity”, he said, only. Like others, he dreams of England. He wanted to go to Calais but it was said that “the plan was finished,” and account for the time being “remain in Paris.”

“it May be that after the police will give us a place to stay ?”, hope Yassin, who arrived from Afghanistan a month ago.

Mireille, in the end, had spent the morning with migrants. She is worried for the future. “The camp of Hidalgo this is very good. But the half will remain outside and meet the children every morning to see these people when they go to school ? That it’s normal to be treated that way ?”

Céline Rastello


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