Friday, November 11, 2016

High school student struck in Paris : six months suspended required against the police Release

During the first broadcast, a thrill runs through the courtroom. Then, in order to dissect the gesture, the loop playback of the video, viewed over 2 million times on the Net. A moment difficult to justify for Adan and his parents, the head between their hands, secure the ground. More than eight months after this blow received in full nose, the violence is still there. Adan was struck by a police officer while he was innocent and maintained by two other officers. It was the 24th of march, during a day of action against the law El Khomri, two blocks from the lycée Bergson (XIXe arrondissement of Paris), where he is enrolled.

Sofian O., 26 years old, guardian of peace, likened Thursday, the tribunal de grande instance of Paris, for “voluntary violence by a person agent of the public authority”.The accused in the rank of brigadier, a police officer in the field. Very far away from the maintenance of order, a know-how in the police. Sofian O. repeat the advanced version to the investigators and invokes a “the tunnel effect”. He asserts that he was not “conscience” of what is happening around him at that time, that he does not see that the high school student is being restrained by his colleagues. The other two officers, however, are less than a meter, ” replied the court.

His colleagues close to the scene have signed on the minutes not having seen the punch. In the police, “to each time there is a burr, there is an omerta”, supports Arié Alimi, a lawyer for the student. At the end of the hearing, which lasted more than five hours, the prosecutor requires a six-month suspended prison sentence, but asked that the conviction does not prevent him to exercise his profession. The decision will be made on November 23. The police officer is since the facts suspended public road by the court’s decision.

Ishmael Halissat


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