Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sting at the Bataclan for a “maximum noise” – The Express

The music before the commemoration: one year after the attack by jihadists who did 90 dead at the Bataclan, the room in paris, comes back to life Saturday night with a concert by Sting, on the eve of ceremonies to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks on the 13 November.

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The former leader of Police is expected on stage from 21h, for a short set of an hour, during which he is expected to say a few words in French. The thousand seats on sale Tuesday, was torn off in less than thirty minutes.

The room, which has a maximum capacity of 1497 persons, was full, with a large number of guests. Essentially, the families of the victims and a handful of officials, including the minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay. For this event, a loose-fitting safety device has been put in place by the prefecture of police with passage of the deminers, pre-filtering and filtering.

“The whole world will see that the Bataclan revit”

“I had a basic need that something happens before Sunday, explained Jules Frutos, co-director of the room in paris. Start with ceremonies in front of the Bataclan, and after the music, it fit me not at all, at all.”

His wish was answered last Thursday, when the safety commission of the prefecture has given a favourable opinion for the reopening of this theatre, inaugurated in 1865, and which claims itself as “the reflection of the culture and the art de vivre in Paris”. In the hours that followed, the arrival of Sting was finalized.

The presence of the planetary star represents the desire to “make a maximum of noise”, according to Jérôme Langlet, the boss of the branch Lagardère Live Entertainment, owner of the legendary venue in paris. “A year after the attacks, France and the whole world will see that the Bataclan revit.”

Sting, whose new album 57th & 9th is released this Friday, had himself made application during a recent visit to Paris. “He expressed a real desire, a need,” says Jules Frutos, welcoming the commitment of the star, which will not take a seal. The recipe for this first concert will be donated to two associations of victims: Life for Paris and 13 November: Brotherhood and Truth.

Redone from the roof to the floor

For this renaissance, the Bataclan has been redone to the same eight months of work. To hold nothing of that tragic night, everything has been changed to “from the roof to the floor, from the paint to the tiles”.

Only the entrance hall has been made brighter that the original. And a “BATACLAN” in red letters dancing in the throne now on the storefront. There is no doubt that the swaying will be caused inside, by the bass and the voice of Sting.

The concert was filmed and will be aired in the night of Sunday to Monday (at 00: 55 AM) by France 2 and then on Monday evening (at 22: 50) by France 4, as well as TV5 World on all continents.

Sunday, the room will close its doors. It will then be the time of the commemorations, including a laying plate on its facade. The side of the victims, the members of the group Eagles of Death Metal bands that played the evening of 13 November, invited by the associations, should attend the ceremony.

next Wednesday, the Jazz will resume the course of his new life, with Pete Doherty announced to the sold-out Thursday. Follow including Youssou Ndour, Marianne Faithfull, FFF, or even The Flaming Lips, by next spring.


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