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Holiday. That still represents the 11-November ? – Ouest-France


On 11-November, a day of armistice

The November 11, 1918 at 5: 15 a.m., the armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany, putting an end to the First world War. The fighting ended at 11: 00.

Since 1922, this day is a public holiday in France. Each year, commemorations are held in all the country, in front of the monuments to the dead, in the presence of former fighters.

Day tribute

The last Hairy French, Lazare Ponticelli, died march 12, 2008, to 110 years. The last veteran of the First world war, the Australian Claude Choules died with him in 2011, 110 years also. He was committed to 14 years in the british army, lying about his age !

In the absence of any survivor to whom tribute, the law of 24 October 2012 has broadened the meaning of the 11 November. It is now the day of tribute to all who died for France.

The dead of all conflicts, therefore, are now honored, in the manner of the Remembrance Day or Veterans Day in anglo-saxon.

Cérémonie man this November 11, on the tomb of the unknown soldier, à Paris.
Ceremony of man this November 11, on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Paris. Photo | AFP.

less holiday

If you have not stayed all day under the duvet to listen to fire Leonard Cohen, you will have noticed that the 11-November, loses its character as a public holiday.

more and more shops are still open on the 11th of November. And if year-to-year, the shops are more many to open, it is that there are customers on this day…

In retail, employees are often volunteers, because they receive a premium for work on a public holiday.

What does the law say about the work of the holidays ?

The labour Code prohibits to employ employees on Sundays (with exceptions), it does not prohibit the holidays. Exception : may 1st, mandatory holiday.

For the other ten public holidays, this is a matter of practice, company agreements and collective agreements.

When the holiday is worked, the wage is maintained. When it is worked, the labour Code does not match a mark-up. But many collective agreements provide for one.

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