Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hostage in the prison of Dijon : the inmate has made The Point

The inmate who has been held hostage to the supervisor for nearly four hours at the prison in Dijon (Gold Coast) Friday, visited, said the public prosecutor shortly after 22 hours. The monitor is uninjured and has been taken care of by a cell medico-psychological, according to the same source. In a press release, the garde des Sceaux, Jean-Jacques Urvoas has expressed its support in saluting his “cold-blooded”.

The detainee has been placed in police custody at the police station in Dijon, where the survey is being conducted by the Directorate for interregional judicial police. According to the ministry of Justice, the hostage-taking “was motivated by a request for transfer to another penal institution”.

The hostage-taking started at 18: 20, according to a press release the ministry of Justice, to the effect that a crisis cell had been opened. Negotiations have been conducted with this prisoner of 21 years of age, armed with a blade and who is suspected of radicalisation, said a source close to the folder. “It was the subject of a local monitoring”, stressed the source, specifying shortly after 20 hours that the officer was not injured.

“Marked for radicalism”

staff of the regional Teams of intervention and security (Eris) are also made on-site, as well as the area director of prison services, police forces and judicial authorities and the prefectural., according to the ministry. According to Thierry Cord, regional secretary of the union, UFAP, the hostage-taking occurred while the keeper “brought back a bag of clothing to the inmate”. “The supervisor has opened the door of the cell and the inmate was then threatened by the throat with a weapon craft”, he added.

According to the steward, “the inmate eventually get to the end of an hour and a half of negotiations ‘non-stop’ with the negotiator of Eris, which he has hinted that he would be transferred to another prison”. The inmate had been placed in pretrial detention at the prison of Dijon in September “within the framework of a criminal proceeding, for an armed attack”, not connected with the facts of terrorism. He had also been “spotted for radicalism, and was followed to the house arrest of Dijon”, he added.

The guard, aged thirty years, is itself a “supervisor experienced a lot of cold blood but which has likely never been faced with this type of situation,” said the trade unionist.

In a statement, the attorney general reaffirmed his “total commitment to the strengthening of security in the prisons, in accordance with the measures taken since 2013, the fiscal effort projected for the year 2017 (57.8 million euros) and the plan for the prison security presented on the 25th of October”. The French jails have been in recent weeks the scene of many incidents, of which the most violent was the assault, in early September, two monitors’osny (Val d’oise) by an inmate radicalized. The crisis cell in case of incidents in detention had already been activated six times since the beginning of the year by the ministry of Justice.


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