Saturday, November 5, 2016

Police: 700 manifezstants in Lyon – Le Figaro

Some 500 police officers and persons supporting them gathered Friday evening in front of the office of Béziers and the sub-prefecture, about 200 in front of the town hall of Avignon, a hundred at le Mans, and 700 to Lyon.

At Béziers, the municipal police were joined by police officers from national police stations of Béziers and Agde, by fire, of the inhabitants of Béziers, by two judges and a dozen lawyers. They chanted, “Police anger” and “The guy in jail,” and carried signs “I love my police”.

in Avignon, the demonstrators sang The Marseillaise in front of the hotel de ville, on the place de l’horloge, and the officers, who were more than twice as many as last Friday, have been applauded by about a dozen firefighters who took part in the rally. A delegation was received yesterday afternoon by the prefect.

Lyon, about 700 police officers in civilian clothes, wearing some of their cuff orange, marched through the city centre singing The Marseillaise. To the cry of “the guy in jail, citizens with us”, the protesters went in front of the prefecture before returning to the place Bellecour, the starting point of the event. The cortege was followed by dozens of official vehicles of police, flashing lights on and horn in action.

At le Mans, a hundred policemen in plain clothes accompanied by firefighters and ten residents were also parade in the evening, despite pouring rain. Parties of the central police station, they joined the town council in the singing several times the Marseillaise. This is the fourth event of the police manceaux since the beginning of the protest movement.


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