Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In Calais, the evacuation of the migrant miners has begun – The World

Some 1 500 young people registered as minors by the authorities are conducted in reception centres in the region, prior to a possible departure for Great Britain.

In the bus departing from Calais on 2 November.

The evacuation of some 1,500 migrant minors in the temporary accommodation centre (CAP) of Calais began on Wednesday 2 November. On the basis of 8 hours, many buses have left the site of the ” jungle “, now dismantled, in the direction of sixty centres, reception and guidance for unaccompanied minors (Caomi).

Forty-three miners boarded a first bus to the destination of Carcassonne and Bolquère (Pyrenees-Orientales), followed by three others travelling to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) and in the Allier. Thirty buses should go in the day, before a second day of departures on Thursday, according to the prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais, which specifies that minors do not choose their destination but decide with whom they want to travel and settle.

It is in the reception centres and guidance that should unfold as the discussion concerning their request for transfer to Great Britain. The operation involves members of the ministry of the interior uk, which ” will accompany “ the miners during their journey, as it says in the prefecture of Calais, will instruct the folders in a very short time, and will transfer to the lucky elected in the wake of this, we are assured by sources close to the operation. The objective is also to push London to go beyond its commitments.

during the evacuation of the ” jungle “, the last week, nearly 1,800 young migrants have been recorded as minor. And, to this day, only 308 of them were able to go to England legally.

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Challenge symbolic

it will then Remain to be done from the 360 to 400 women and children housed at the reception centre Jules-Ferry, a former leisure centre adjacent to the former” jungle “. The area where they lined up again in mid-October 6 400 8 100 people, according to counts, will be completely desert. According to figures provided by the government, 6,000 people have since been ” put away “, that is, a majority in various CAD spread throughout France, and these 1 500 miners of CAPE town.

For the government, rapidly discharge the CAP is an issue to be both symbolic, in completing the dismantling promised the slum, and practice, by removing a location seen as a point of attachment of migrants already attracted by the proximity to Calais with the british coasts.

” there will be no resettlement on the moor. It is evacuated. It will be secure. Nobody can join, “, said François Hollande in the Voice of The North on Tuesday.

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