Saturday, November 19, 2016

Infiltrators left in the primary from the right: “the election of Trump me remotivé” – Release

In theory, the election of this Sunday is not their own. And yet, these supporters of the left, the voters of François Hollande in 2012, will go in the first round of the primary of the right, to interfere in the affairs of the camp in front. They were interviewed in mid-September in order to understand their motivation, a priori not a very natural way: to nominate a candidate for which they are sure not to vote in the first round of the presidential election. We reminded them on the eve of the election, whether they had resigned or if they were let’s say… “human rights” in their boots”.

Except laziness or last-minute setbacks, no one should scroll. Since we contacted, some have looked on the website of the high authority the address of the polling place, or preparing to do so.

And for all, the approach has not changed. It is not a stroke of the billiard to the three bands of the type “choose the candidate that will be the easiest to beat for the left”. It is even the opposite: these voters anticipating the risk of a new April 21, with the qualification of Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election and the elimination of the left, prefer to choose as of now the candidate of the right, behind which it will take to rank for to stop the FN. Gold for them, the candidate supported by the “republican front” may not be Nicolas Sarkozy, with his “ancestors the Gauls” , and its “double portions of chips” for the muslims in the canteen.

According to the polls, they are around 8-10% to make the leap. Those that we have known will go to vote Juppé, other Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. She has no chance of qualifying for the second round, but “leave to participate as much to do until the end and make sure it is not just a vote of protest against Sarkozy”, ” says Isabelle, 56 years old. This director of an association for the professional integration of Toulon has enjoyed the speech of the candidate “against the ni FN ni PS and for the republican front”. Yann, pharmacist in paris, elector PS of 35 years, will make the same choice in the second round “to give weight to a right-wing, centrist against the right open-minded”. While the gap was narrowing in the polls between Alain Juppé, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon, making it very difficult to provide an outlook on the final duel, Amaury, buyer in paris 32 years, will bring his vote to the mayor of Bordeaux from Sunday: “The polls are less reliable and fail to grasp the deep convictions of the people, I prefer to ensure the coup and vote Juppé.”

“The wave of populism can take us in 2017″

The american election, with the victory of Donald Trump, is also passed by there, supporting these supporters of the left in the idea to avoid such a scenario in France. Carol, a consultant in sustainable development 32-year-old was reluctant to move in the first round. Now she is “more than ever determined to go. At one point, I saw Juppé at the head and said to myself that participate in the second round would be sufficient. The election of Trump me remotivée, it is necessary to secure his rear.” on This day Amaury talked about the primary place of work: “I managed to convince two or three people. With such news, you know the importance of choosing who you’re going to put on the launch pad!” But for Marc, the victory Trump is a double-edged sword for Juppé: “on the one hand, the wave of populism can take us in 2017. The other, an old road of politics as Juppé can it be a solution to this wave? Will t-it the fate of Hi llary Clinton, who embodied nothing other than the establishment?” to request this administrative framework 34-year-old, who will, however, vote Juppé to the two towers, but “without proselytising,”. And if some of its “friends and colleagues are determined” to vote also, her mother replied that “this was not his camp, that he was not to mix everything”.

Yann, himself, has convinced his mother, his brother-in-law, a friend, his companion to move. “My sister was tempted but she will not, she lives in a small village where everyone knows everyone else”. Without trying to convince, Carole has found that “the simple fact of talking with friends or colleagues, interest. They are said to “why not?”” As for Isabelle, Toulon was not intimidated by the polemic launched by the sarkozystes on the “theft” of the primary by the voters of the left: “anyway, I listen to them quite a bit!”

But what will the voters of the left if the duel Juppé-Sarkozy so long announced was upset by Fillon? In the event of a confrontation Sarkozy-Fillon, will they vote for the ex-Prime minister, liberal and conservative? And if Sarkozy was eliminated, is there still a reason to participate in the primary on the 27th November? They will ask the question after the first round. We will give you their response.

Laure Equy , Amandine Cailhol


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