Saturday, November 19, 2016

The summary of the news at 17: 00 pm GMT (19/11) –

PARIS – The voters of the right and center are called for the first time in France to choose their candidate for the presidential election, a poll or suspense where the ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy and two former Prime ministers Alain Juppé and François Fillon are fighting the investiture in a handkerchief.

less than 24 hours of the first round, the order of arrival of the trio, facing the four “underdogs” relegated to the background (Bruno, Mayor, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Jean-François Copé and Jean-Frédéric Poisson), remains an unknown until the scores appear tight in recent studies of opinion.

The duel announced by the canadian institutes of survey between Alain Juppé, the head of the ranking since its entry into the fray in August 2014, and Nicolas Sarkozy has become the trifecta in the last row on the right with the sudden rise of François Fillon.

LILLE, Alain Juppé, took the opportunity yesterday evening of its last meeting before the first round to fire arrows at the destination of his main rivals.

“I say this in all friendliness to François Fillon, it will not delete 500.000 or 600.000 officials in five years, this is not possible, I say to Nicolas Sarkozy, he must recognize his mistakes : we were wrong to remove the 10,000 positions in the forces of the order, to remove the double penalty and to dismantle the intelligence territorial,’ he said.

For its last meeting in NIMES, Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of a “France downgraded” and “threatened in its identity and in its cohesion” by years of left-wing government.

The old president has presented himself as the “candidate of the action”. He again called for a “alternating strong” by opposition to the”alternating soft” embodied, according to him, by Alain Juppé, whom he has never named.

in PARIS, French prime minister François Fillon has asked the voters to “shake up” the primary, convinced that a “surprise,” and is projected towards the presidential 2017, pledging to “carry the torch” of gaullism.

NEW YORK – The president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, continuing to train his team. He will talk tomorrow with Mitt Romney, the defeated candidate of the republicans in the face of Barack Obama in 2012, and could offer to become secretary of State, says one source close to the discussions.

This would be an event of size. Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, age 69, has criticized Donald Trump with a vengeance during the campaign.

Donald Trump has announced also his intention to appoint a republican senator Jeff Sessions to the post of Attorney-General (minister of Justice) and the former general Michael Flynn as national security advisor. The republican representative from Kansas Mike Pompeo will take the head of the CIA.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump would consider appointing former CIA director David Petraeus at the Pentagon.

NEW YORK – Donald Trump said today that it has accepted a settlement of $ 25 million to settle a dispute in court with former students of the “university” that he had founded, because he must now focus on his role as chairman.

These thousands of former students say they were duped into paying up to 35,000 dollars to learn the “secrets” of investments in the real estate sector with instructors “handpicked” by Donald Trump. The announcement of a settlement agreement intervened yesterday.

BEIRUT – All the hospitals in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo in the hands of the insurgents are out of service, after several days of intense bombing, say the direction of local health and the world health Organization (WHO).

“The destruction of critical infrastructure has deprived the people under siege (but) determined care centres and vital ( … ),” they say in an email sent to Reuters by a member of the syrian opposition.

According to Elizabeth Hoff, representative of WHO in Syria, humanitarian organizations placed under the direction of the united nations that are present on the Turkish side of the border, “confirmed today that all hospitals in Aleppo were out of service”.

in Aleppo-Is, where would live another 270.000 civilians, the population has, according to the Un, almost more than food or drugs, because of the impossibility of the supply of humanitarian aid. According to the Observatory syrian human rights (OSDH), at least 27 people, including children, were killed today by the shelling.

SANAA – A new ceasefire came into force in Yemen today, the third announced this year, but it does not seem to be respected in the whole country where fights in eighteen months of conflict have resulted in over 10,000 deaths.

The coalition under the leadership of saudi arabia who fight against the rebel shiite houthis since march 2015 announced a cease-fire of 48 hours, effective from midday (09h00 GMT).

“The truce will be extended if the Houthis to respect it, if their representatives are teaming up with the CDC (…) and if they lift the siege of Taiz,” wrote the official news agency SPA, quoting a letter from the yemeni president Abd-Rabbou Mansour Hadi to king Salman of saudi Arabia.

The CDC (Commission for de-escalation and coordination) is a military authority formed with the endorsement of the united Nations to supervise the cease-fire. Taiz, the third largest city in the country, is almost entirely surrounded by the Houthis and supporters of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

BERLIN – Angela Merkel today pledged to increase investment in infrastructure in Germany in 2017, the election year, without resorting to borrowing.

The German chancellor, who is to say tomorrow if she seeks a fourth term, said during his weekly podcast that his government would spend more to improve road and railway networks, in the telecommunications sector and in education.

“It will not result in additional debts for the future generations”, she assured.

MARRAKECH, Morocco – The nearly 200 countries gathered in Marrakech in the framework of the COP22 agreed last night to set out by December 2018 on the terms and conditions of application of the Agreement on climate, concluded last year in Paris.

at the end of two weeks of discussions, the delegates have also called upon the future president of the United States, the climate-sceptic Donald Trump, to go back on his threat to denounce the agreement, which provides for limiting the temperature rise to less than two degrees Celsius compared to preindustrial levels. This commitment has been reaffirmed on Thursday.

For this goal to become reality, rules are necessary because the Paris agreement left a number of points in the wave, in particular as regards the way in which countries will report their emission reduction pledges of greenhouse gas emissions and how they will be controlled.

BREST, Finistère – The first urban cable-car in France was opened today in Brest in the presence of the minister of the Environment, Ségolène Royal, who has commended “the solution of the future” in the field of transport in the city.

Two cabins now allow you to connect in a few minutes the two banks of the Penfeld, the river that bisects the largest city in the Finistère.

“This is a great first national but also a world premiere, since this is the first time that a cable car of this size and this technology is implemented,” said Ségolène Royal.

“I’ll be back in the COP22 (the Un conference on the climate) and to reduce the pollution on the planet, the transport cable car in urban areas, it is the solution of the future,” added the minister.

PARIS – A 17-year-old of belgian origin, who was suspected of being an accomplice of the jihadist Rashid Kassim through the encrypted messaging Telegram, has been indicted and detained,-we learn today from justice source.

investigators suspect the young man, arrested Tuesday in Rennes, to have played an active role on the encrypted network used by the jihadist French from the iraqi-syrian to convince young people to commit terrorist attacks in France. He has been indicted for criminal conspiracy to a terrorist criminal, we are told of justice source.

PARIS – A board original a album of the adventures of Tintin was sold at auction today in Paris for a total of 1.55 million euros, announced the house, Artcurial, which presents this amount as a world record for a single page of comic strip.

This board to the ink and gouache, from the album “We walked on the moon,” published in 1954, is the hero of Hergé, his dog Snowy and captain Haddock, all clad in a diving suit in space, treading the lunar soil. It was estimated to be between € 700,000 and eur 900,000.


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