Saturday, November 19, 2016

François Hollande against the temptation of the “all-national” –

Donald Trump has received Saturday his ex-contempteur Mitt Romney, former candidate for the White House in 2012, in the golf Trump where he continues his consultations to form the next u.s. government.

The two men, who had exchanged names of birds during the presidential campaign, have not confirmed if Mitt Romney was actually a finalist to become the head of the diplomacy of Donald Trump, or whether it was only a courtesy visit aimed at healing the wounds within the republican.

“We had a great conversation about the various theatres in world where the United States has significant interests,” said Mitt Romney at the end of a meeting of one hour and 25 minutes in the clubhouse of the golf course Trump Bedminster in New Jersey, where the successor of Barack Obama spends the weekend.

Mark of respect, Donald Trump had welcomed him on the front porch, and it was escorted back, shake and hold the hand in front of the press.

“We have discussed these areas and exchanged our points of view on these topics, a discussion to be very comprehensive and in-depth in the time that we were allotted. I appreciate the opportunity to talk with the president-elect, and I look forward to the next administration,” said Mitt Romney, in this brief statement focused on the international issues.

“It went very well”, has launched by far Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has appointed Friday three members of his team (Justice, CIA, and national security advisor), but it still needs a fortnight of high positions to fill in his cabinet government, including the departments of State and Defense, and thousands of positions in Washington, an operation overseen by his transition team.

Among the other personalities received Saturday at Bedminster included retired general James Mattis, a potential candidate at the Pentagon, and Michelle Rhee, former chief controversial schools of Washington.

Returning to the outside, Donald Trump has called this a “very talented”. He said that nominations “may” be announced Saturday.

Since his election on 8 November, he also received dozens of potential recruits to the Trump Tower in New York city, including elected members of Congress and the current director of the service of espionage National Security Agency (NSA), admiral Mike Rogers.

In total, Donald Trump also spoke with some thirty foreign leaders, according to his entourage, including, most recently, the iraqi Prime minister Haider Al-Abadi, and the japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe in person on Thursday.

- Trump on Twitter -

The only words recent public Donald Trump came via Twitter, where he defended Saturday its decision to settle out of court, against the payment of $ 25 million, the lawsuit against her deceased training program “University Trump”.

The 45th president of the United States, who will take office on 20 January, has also responded with two tweets to the boos of the public who have welcomed its vice-chairman, Mike Pence, a performance of the musical Hamilton Friday in New York, an incident which became viral on social networks.

“Present your apologies!”, he required the team to Hamilton, who had taken the floor in the end of the show to ask the administration to Trump to work for all Americans.

- Romney diplomat ? -

The recruitment of Mitt Romney, 69-year-old, unsuccessful candidate of the republican party to the White House, would be a great outlet, and could reassure a number of allies of the United States.

This former business man was living since 2012 in the related reserve of the policy, but was released last march to denounce the rise of Donald Trump, in a speech of vitriol.

“Donald Trump is a charlatan, an impostor. His promises are not worth better than a degree from the university Trump. He’s taking Us for pigeons,” he said.

The two men could not be more different on style, Mitt Romney is a patrician mormon in polite language. Mitt Romney also belongs to the republican establishment against which Donald Trump has built his success.

he was appointed secretary of State, the most important position in the protocol order after the vice-president, Mitt Romney could build on its strong international reputation, although he had virtually no experience of diplomacy.

But it would also be necessary that it fits on the bottom with Donald Trump, in particular, on Russia. While the next president multiplies the words of conciliation to the address of Vladimir Putin, Mitt Romney had estimated in 2012 that Moscow was the enemy geopolitical number one in the United States.


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