Saturday, November 19, 2016

Primary right : 500.000 Web searches a polling station Saturday – Europe1

Is this the sign of a participation promising ? Some 500,000 connections to find a polling station on the website of the primary organization of the right, the first round takes place Sunday, have been registered for the single day of Saturday, said Saturday night, “Mr. Elementary” Thierry Solère (The Republicans) on France 2. “500.000 connections just for today,” said Thierry Solère, while at 19h, there has been, from the start, “3.3 million of the French who sought the address of their polling place in the primary” on

More than 10,000 polling stations. Thierry Solère recalled all of the precautions taken to ensure that the election is not disputed, “the major challenge for us”, he said : prohibition of proxy voting, “it is the essence of the litigation as possible” and 81.000 volunteers in the 10.228 offices in particular. After three months of campaigning dense, the first round of the primary from the right has place on Sunday, to appoint from among seven candidates, two finalists for the presidential election in 2017.


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