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Limoges: new video-shock L214 on the slaughter of cows in gestation – Boursorama

An employee of the slaughterhouse of Limoges, france Mauricio Garcia-Pereira, on November 3, 2016 in Limoges (france) ( AFP / Pascal LACHENAUD )

The employee of the slaughterhouse of Limoges, france Mauricio Garcia-Pereira, on November 3, 2016 in Limoges (france) ( AFP / Pascal LACHENAUD )

These new images were shot by Mauricio Garcia-Pereira, employee for seven years at the slaughterhouse of Limoges and révulsé by the fetal calves that he had seen torn from their mother’s womb just slaughtered.

He grew up on a farm and willingly eats meat. But he “can do no more” and is allied with the association pro-vegan L214 to launch the alert face uncovered, he told AFP. A first in the history of the association, including the videos shocking animal suffering have caused the temporary closure of some slaughterhouses, and led to the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry.

The images, taken clandestinely by Mauricio Garcia-Pereira prove that cows bearing calves ready to be born are frequently slaughtered, estimated to L214.

“it is prohibited to transport cows to the beyond of the eighth month” of gestation, told AFP his spokesman, Brigitte Gothière. According to her, some of the calves contained in the videos “have between eight and nine months,” because they already have hairs.

The european legislation prohibits the transport of animals, and their slaughter, “from 90% of term gestation, which is equivalent to eight months for a cow”, said the ministry of Agriculture.

L214, which has launched a petition to prohibit the slaughter of pregnant cows “, at least during the last third of their gestation”, announced that it has filed a complaint against X on Thursday with the Court of Limoges, to establish the responsibilities, if any.

- No irregularity to the direction and the hall -

Mauricio Garcia-Pereira, and Sebastien Arsac of the association L214, at Limoges, November 3, 2016

Mauricio Garcia-Pereira, and Sebastien Arsac of the association L214, in Limoges, france, on November 3, 2016 ( AFP / Pascal LACHENAUD )

“The images of pregnant cows that I have seen do not belong to an irregularity, contrary to the practice of moving a camera in a place where taking pictures is subject to authorization,” responded the director of the slaughterhouse, Paschal Bread. “My job is to comply with the regulations, not states of soul”, was added at a press conference the boss of the largest municipal abattoir in France (300 to 500 animals per day, 80 employees).

The city of Limoges, owner of the slaughterhouse, she also defended a breach of any of. “What is on these videos is happening in the same conditions everywhere: 100% of the animals that go to slaughter are dying”, has ironisé the first deputy mayor, Guillaume Guérin, (The Republicans).

The leader of the socialist opposition at the town hall, Philippe Rheilac, also said he was supportive of the abattoir, “the key actor of the agri-food sector in the Limousin, a region of farming.”

Member of the european parliament of the Limousin and socialist also, Jean-Paul Denanot has announced that it has referred the matter to the european Commission on the “legal practice but hardly admissible in terms of ethics and animal welfare”.

The videos filmed by Mauricio have horrified the humane Society (SPA), which asks the State to change the law to put an end to a “practice unnamable”.

As for Brigitte Bardot, it has accused in a statement from its foundation, the minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, of being “complicit in this barbarity,” and called on presidential candidates to “take seriously the urgency of improvements in conditions of slaughter”.

According to L214, 170.000 pregnant cows are slaughtered each year in France.

It would be an aberration to be economical for a farmer franc-comtois questioned by the AFP, “surprised by the figures”. “If a cow is full, knowing that we already paid for the insemination (45 euros), most of the time, we care for it vèle,” said the farmer.

On the basis of videos made by an employee of the slaughterhouse, which, for its part wished to remain anonymous, L214 has also filed a complaint against the slaughterhouse of Limoges itself for “repeated violations to regulations in the slaughter and ill-treatment of animals”, in particular for dizziness misfire cows and pigs, and for systematic use and misuse of electric prods efforts to advance animals.


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