Thursday, November 3, 2016

An employee face to face, against the methods of slaughterhouses – Release

It is the first whistleblower of the association for the protection animale L214 want to assume publicly his gesture. Mauricio Garcia-Pereira is neither a militant of the cause animal or vegan. When his modest salary of 1300 euros, he does not balk in front of a beautiful piece of beef. The worker is 47 years old, immigrated Spanish, grew up in “the largest agricultural operation in Galicia”, it is his way of preventing it is not a small nature.

Employee of the municipal slaughterhouse of Limoges, one of the most important of its kind in France, it is at the origin of the video released Thursday morning by the association L214 on the site of the World.

One sees there in particular of the bovine fetuses from the womb of their mothers, sent there for one reason only : they are more expensive dead than alive. A controversial practice, “but not yet illegal” confirms L214, which reminds us that the past studies on the subject have shown that in the third quarter of gestation, the calf is a sensitive being.

in Addition to these images, abominable, other videos demonstrate serious breaches to the regulations concerning the slaughter and transport of animals, as well as dizziness misfires and repeated many times on animals visibly terrified. Images that motivate the complaint that the association has just filed with the public prosecutor of Limoges.

“It’s been since 2013 that I want to talk about, but I didn’t know how to do it. At the end of a time when we can see that for others it does not pose a problem, you eventually start to wonder if it is not crazy, explains Mauricio Garcia-Pereira. in After the first revelations of L214 in the last year, I said to myself : if this is offensive, then what is this that I saw ?” Contact made with L214, and equipped with an onboard camera, it releases nearly two dozen videos overwhelming shot over the chains of slaughter Limougeaudes between may and September.

Now engaged in a crusade against these practices from another age, the old killer promises that he will not cease his struggle “as a european law has not prohibited these practices”. Thursday evening, the petition was launched on the same morning in the end due to win several hundreds of thousands of signatures.

“No question”

Pascal Bread, freshly appointed head of the slaughterhouse of Limoges, accusing the blow. The capital of the specialties were, didn’t need it. For him, “it does practically nothing to Limoges, that they cannot see in another abattoir in France”.

And to consult the professionals, “our job here is to shoot down animals which we are brought by our customers, we do not have a question to ask”. Concerning the legal basis of the complaint filed by L214, the man is more moderate, “the facilities date back to the 80′s, not everything is perfect”. It confirms that “the string that was filmed where the matador must take a few times to stun the animal, must indeed be the subject of a complete renovation”. And to conclude, “Mauricio has not completely wrong, even if it really does not reason.”.

“In a slaughterhouse, killing animals”

The local political elite it is moved of the consequences of this publicity on the sector. Among all of the elected municipal officials, one ecologist, has provided support to Mauricio Garcia-Peireira. the “The abuse in slaughterhouses is a taboo subject. It questions us about our model of society that objétise the living. She shows us at each new scandal is the cowardice of the political decision-makers who are ready to do anything in the name of the job here, they destroy without being moved” said Marie-Anne Robert-Kerbrat.

Guillaume Guérin, on the side of LR, him, says “as shocking as it may seem, in a slaughterhouse killing animals. It is rare that one of them comes out alive”. Come to the rescue of the director, the 1st assistant to the mayor and several elected representatives of the majority have renewed its confidence in the director.

They have found an unlikely ally in the socialist opposition, which has also provided support to the municipal abattoir, while in his camp the member of the european parliament of the Limousin, Jean-Paul Denanot, grasped at the same time the european commission on this “legal practice but hardly admissible in terms of ethics and animal welfare”.

“I know that I’ll lose my job”

Without moving more, the director of the slaughterhouse, which confirms that it has never had difficulty professional with his or her employee, says, however, “it seems difficult to continue to work together”.

Picked up on his small sofa, Mauricio Garcia-Pereira claims to have taken the full measure of his decision, “I know I’m going to lose my job, but I also know that I have done nothing wrong. What would have been wrong it was not to say anything”. On the coffee table, the simple workers in the flood do throne a book, the old man and the sea Hemingway.

Julie Carnis Corresponding to Limoges


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