Flowers in tribute to Marion, killed 69 knife in Bouguenais in 2012. – S. Salom-Gomis/Sipa

The trial of Yannick Luende-Bothelo, on trial for the rape and murder wild of Marion, aged 14, march 19, 2012 in Bouguenais, is open this Tuesday morning at the assize court of Loire-Atlantique. But the accused, 29-year-old, distinguished himself by his refusal to cooperate. “I am not come to speak, it does not interest me. There’s nothing to understand. You already know the deal, ” he proclaimed before to hide in silence, despite several reminders from the president of the court.

Only the call to the bar of his sister, to talk about her childhood and her journey, the aura made out of its hinges for several minutes. “This indifference is insulting for the family of the victim, complains to Yvon Chotard, the lawyer of the father of Marion. They have the impression that people make fun of them then they need explanation. I have the impression that this silence is so convenient. When he attempts to silence his sister, he shows that he is not so oblivious as that. “

” He was proclaiming that he was the messiah, that he was to see Sarkozy “

The attitude of the accused has not prevented the court from unveiling more elements of his personality. Born in the Congo to a father of angolan and congolese mother, Yannick Luende-Bothelo arrived in the city of nantes at the age of 16 years with his three brothers and sisters, as a refugee.

in Spite of the attempts of training (BEP, CAP), and a few odd jobs, he poured little by little into the crime and drug abuse. Between 2007 and 2011, he was convicted nine times for crimes of theft and violence. “It wasn’t like that before you arrive in France. I believe that he has a sore cashed the separation of our parents, ” says his sister.

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Several days before the death of Marion, the family of Yannick Luende-Bothelo, then a holder of an electronic bracelet, as he was about to pluck up, and worry about the hear ” delirious “. “He proclaimed that he was the messiah, that he was to see Sarkozy,” recalls the sister of the accused.

He kills Marion and leaves for dead a jogger

In the night of 18 to 19 march 2012, it would have violated Marion, met by chance in the tram, and struck him 69 knife in a public toilet in Bouguenais. A few hours later, the accused went to a dozen kilometers from the place of the drama, Vertou, where he stabs up and hits a jogger of 67 years, he leaves to death [the man survived but will have three months d' total interruption of work].

He then enters the home of a man in his eighties, starts to strangle her, search the house, serves wine, before being put to flight by the visitors, and then being arrested later by the police.

Yannick Luende-Bothelo has acknowledged the facts, explaining to the investigators to have “premeditated” and that he was the one sent of Christ “. About he confirmed to the judge of instruction, specifying this time that he was ” the son of God and wanted to kill the whole of France “. “I think that it is no longer itself. It is in need of care, to understand what is going on in his head, ” sorry sister to the bar this morning.

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