Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Osama Atar, coordinator of alleged terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels – The World

The investigators believe that under the alias of” Abu Ahmad “, a donor established order in Syria, cache Oussama Atar, Belgian 32-year-old veteran of the jihad.

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In front of the Bataclan, in Paris, in the night from 13 to 14 November, 2015.

” Abu Ahmad “. This is the name of a war plane for several months on the attacks in Paris in November 2015 and in Brussels in march 2016. Behind the samarkand (nickname muslim) hides the single payer established in Syria to have left traces of his involvement in the wave of attacks that has cast a shadow on the two capitals. The only one that investigators think they have identified.

According to the World, the services of counter-terrorism belgians have come to the conclusion that the mysterious principal is called Osama Ahmed Atar, a jihadist belgian 32-year-old. His identity has recently been cut by the French investigators : Oussama Atar has been designated as Abu Ahmad, a board, consisting of several photographs, by one of the terrorists that he was sent to study in Europe.

Osama Atar had already been raised in August by the belgian press as a possible ” brain “ the attacks in Brussels, without that its operational role is detailed. A certain consensus exists today within the intelligence community about his involvement in the attacks that struck the two capitals.

Osama Atar is suspected of having co-ordinated both operations from Syria : it has been designated as the recruiter of the two suicide bombers are iraqis who have activated their belts trapped in the vicinity of the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, 13 November 2015, and is suspected of being the man to whom the terrorists have submitted their action plans before they explode in the capital of belgium, march 22, 2016.



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