police officers expressed their support for their colleague Guillaume, convened by the IGPN in Paris, on November 3, 2016. – PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP

They chanted his name before singing the Marseillaise. Hundreds of police had gathered outside the headquarters of the general Inspectorate of the national Police (IGPN), in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, this Thursday afternoon to support their colleague. William L., police officer at Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) and one of the main leaders of the fronde, was called in by the police of the police for his behaviour during the wild events.

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A face is discovered, it conveyed the demands of the movement which began several weeks ago after the attack with Molotov cocktails to police officers in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne). “We came to support it. He has guided us during all the protests, he supported our demands, managed to unite the whole world, so it is natural for us to be behind him when he summon them without a doubt that a sanction is being requested, whether it is applied or not, “says a police officer Seine-Saint-Denis, interrupted by the cheers of the crowd to greet the “hero” of the day, who cross the barriers to get to his appointment.

An association has been created

” I want to thank the colleagues who came today “, the breath William L., after having greeted the police officers present. If the time is right to support, it is also a reminder of the claims and the timeliness of the engagement. On the other side of the barriers blocking the entrance of the street, Guillaume raises his hand, shouts “thank you” before being joined by a young blonde woman in glasses.

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Freshly-appointed this morning (Thursday) the president of the association Mobilization of police officers in anger, Maguy takes the word. “We are going to try to bring together all the movements that there is a little bit everywhere in the Ile-de-France, to Marseille, to Nice, in the Vendée. It was decided to create the association, because the unions no longer wants it. It will allow to structure the movement and declare themselves. “

” When it is not heard, after a while, one mouth “

The two friends are forced to enter the premises of the IGPN, for not to be late. Cheers from the crowd. A little later, the cheers are for greet Robert Paturel, a spokesperson for the movement. We can measure the popularity of the former negotiator of the Raid to the applause meter. The one who had until now never moved at the rallies, came to support the police officer called.

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The opportunity to return to the last weeks of mobilization. “What it takes to resolve this crisis, it is active listening. When one speaks and is not heard, after a while, one mouth, ” says the former official, who says he will no longer be spokesperson for the movement. Maguy took up the torch.

The hours go by rue Hénard. Little by little, the crowd is a little more sparse. The police deceive the expectation by responding to the journalists, as Cedric* : “We have the will to keep the movement on the long-term. We do a lot of staggered hours, if we want we can take turns 24h/24 as we will not have been heard. It is our hope. Be received by the government, that a discussion of concrete is committed. “

*name has been changed

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