Thursday, November 3, 2016

Leader police officer heard by the IGPN: police officers show their support for Paris – Le Point

hundreds of police officers demonstrated on Thursday outside the headquarters of the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN) in Paris, the dreaded “police-police”, which was heard for several hours a leader of the protests police that lasted for nearly three weeks, have found journalists from AFP.

Featuring some of the masks in the likeness of the leader or scarves to hide partially their faces, the protesters were cheered Guillaume Lebeau, who said he is “excited” upon his arrival, singing then a Marseillaise.

“We came to give our support to Guillaume, who, because he has spoken in front of the cameras, is likely to be sanctioned,” explained a police 36-year-old, who declined to give his name.

According to a police source, Guillaume Lebeau was convened not for protesting but for his “behaviour” during these events. He had already been received by the prefect of police and put in custody, but have not heeded this warning, the prefect has requested that he be summoned to the IGPN.

It is, according to the same source, an “isolated and individual”, the IGPN do not “zeal” to hear the “leaders” of the movement.

at its output at the end of six hours for a hearing by the “police-police”, Guillaume Lebeau told reporters, after greeting the twenty or so protesters still present, not to have “taken the pressure”.

It has been criticised as “a breach of professional ethics, of me to be expressed in public and exposing the problems that we all face in the police”, he added.

“at the present time, I don’t know if I’ll be punished”, he said, indicating they had been informed that a sanction may go “the warning up to the revocation,” and that no delay on the decision has not been communicated.

In this case, it is the responsibility of the IGPN to propose a possible penalty, but it is the prefect of police, who has the last word.

In the evening, forty police officers in civilian clothes were gathered at the salle Wagram in Paris, to try to attract candidates to the primary right after the second televised debate, found a photographer from AFP. A policewoman has been able to exchange a few words with Alain Juppé.

in Rennes, close to 200 agents holding signs “police anger” expressed in the evening in front of the police station.

travelers to Marseille, Bernard Cazeneuve, has asked on Thursday the police to “express themselves freely”, but without “questioning the rules”, recalling in particular that it was forbidden to use the vehicles of police in protests.

“I am also very keen to ensure that everyone expresses what they have to express themselves freely, without that at any time, the rules that should govern the police will not be called into question”, said the minister of the Interior.

instruction has been given to the prefects and the directors of the départements receive delegations of protesters so that they can share their grievances, but also to elaborate and detail the measures decided by the minister of the Interior (plan of 250 million euros in particular) “in consultation with and with the sake of listening”, according to police.

According to the same sources, the prefect of police has also reminded the police may show up as “out of service, out of service police cars and (sirens) two-tones”.

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